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Portal of Totality

July 7, 2017

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well after a raucous month of June that further helped clarity who we really are, via the fast and furious lane.

The intense energies of the Light prior to the Solstice proved to be a worthy opponent for whatever residual mind enslavement, cellular imprints, fears, weights, burdens and karmic programming, holding illusory evidence that we are less than or beholden to anything other than the magnanimous sovereign nature of our God Selves, were burned into for reflection and release, by a very high density of Light.

Not lost on me I felt… into the bones and marrow of my being… the inexhaustible, esteemed Light mark its greater territory not only inside my being (causing yet another seriously d-e-e-p level of clearing to occur,) though I felt it like a laser going inside the Heart of humanity and deep into the earth as well.

On the night of the Solstice, while in the midst of an intense, intense 4-hour clearing and conversion of energies inside me, I sensed templates, human and Divine switching, and the rhythm of the Universe shift imperceptibly. I have no doubt Holy ground has heretofore been established… and how one enters has been as well.

Undeniably, for both earth and humanity…personally and collectively… there is a mystical transference of life to Life based on the intensity of Truth stemming from our I AM (Soul) Consciousness incapable of being figured out by (ir) rational comprehension.

The beautiful thing about Truth is that it is void of contrast and unimpeded by awareness. Not difficult to decipher… it simply is. And when it comes with such ferocity its accurate representation is indisputable…we can feel it dawning on us. It then becomes ours to integrate (make whole,) in our reality.

*A Note About Integrating Truth

Integration is a felt experience not a thoughtful one. Truth must be felt and brought into reality…as deeply as pain has been. Humans have adapted themselves to pain far more readily than they have to Truth. That schism must heal if life lived in distortion and duality is to cease existing.

Every Truth received is connected to your unique and individual life experiences and circumstances throughout time. Each comes now, often intensely, to outshine every distortion you have held about yourself. It comes to prepare you for what is shortly to come (see below.)

As each Truth rises up from your intuition or down from your Higher Self/I Am Consciousness whether in meditation or complete chaos and discord sit still with it. Get a felt sense of it until you are able to resonate with its vibration and align with its blessing and then… bring it into the flesh of your body and ground it.

This is how one exhaustive reality falls and another is masterfully built.

The Portal of Totality

Adding to the massive influx of Light coming from the cosmos and into our bodies are also high reformation energies coming up, down and through us from the Planetary Heart Chakra of the New Living Earth and from the Diamond Heart Center of the Milky Way.

Together they are a powerful cocktail of pure Love and pure Light energies. They continue their path through our human bodies as we… the unifying and distribution agents now of all Love and all Light… here on Earth (though upleveling all dimensions in this Universe,) are further energetically re-routed and positioned to come into greater alignment with our untethered God Selves and sovereign True Natures…of One Mind and of One Heart… prior to August 21, 2017, the day of the final solar eclipse of 2017.

On this day a portal, the portal of totality, will be opened, unleashing the highest most concentrated form of Divine frequencies here to date on Planet Earth.

Note: When I found myself writing portal of totality I had no idea what that meant. Asking, I was told:

The portal of totality is a powerful transfiguring portal of non-physical Source energy, (Eternal consciousness,) opening and engulfing humanities physical consciousness in an effort to blend with and redirect the limited aspects of humanities consciousness into a new unifying reality.

Benefiting most will be those of pure heart settling into their now changing state of being with corresponding stabilized awareness.

They will have full access to a heightened platform of awareness able, through perception, to eclipse all darkness (that which was previously hidden from their consciousness,) and be moved into the next phase of their New Reality without obstruction.

Each then will be responsible for engaging with (integrating) and stabilizing their New Life Template of Totality and anchoring it into the matrix of the New Earth.

None will be exempt from this grand activity, though moved to varying degrees based on preparation.

Immediately after this explanation I was reminded (and guided right to the spot) of something I wrote and taught in 2010/11 in Birthing The Heart and Mind of God. It was: We are to remember that the Realms of Illumined Consciousness we are entering into, the mystical realm containing the greater scope of the true reality we abide in and the Gods that we are, can only be appreciated when viewed through a greater lens of perception and the heart of Love.

This is the time, 7 years later.

I went on to share then and I share the precise words now: Within this mystical time into realms of mystery and infinite potential, we must move with the conviction that it is love that gives birth to miracles, and it is with grace we find our way to Love.

A miracle is simply a shift in perception, a graceful act one actually places upon themselves that sets the Universe in motion to comply to ones level of consciousness with Its level of consciousness, thus producing a miracle.

The tireless, relentless work of many, have brought us to where we stand now… at the threshold of the passageway into the Infinite. Now we are in for a profound display of Divine Intervention, undiluted.

As I would say when I was teaching Birthing The Heart and Mind of God and so many other teachings throughout the years…please take a breath.

Blessed will be those who prepare well.

Private Sessions

Using my intuitive gifts of seeing, hearing and feeling in tandem with the Unified Field of All That Is Love and In dedication to that which awaits us all, sessions will focus on:

  • Clarifying your life as it is now.
  • Helping you release functionless programing.
  • Helping you shift your current field of energy to embody peace.
  • Helping you shift and expand your lens of perception around your current reality and toward the one you desire.
  • Helping you connect and integrate Truth.

These are not psychic sessions. All sessions are interactive prompting the true strength and Divine Spirit that moves in you, to come front and center through you, for a rich and empowering experience.

Click here for further information.

May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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