The Frequency of the Universe Lives in the Center of Your Heart.

— Maureen Moss


The greatest year of our awakening will occur in 2019. The reason being that turned now in the right direction we shall happen upon the discovery of our Hearts Intelligence and its pathway of Revelation.

As we make this discovery through revelatory experience throughout this next year and begin expressing on behalf of our True Selves with all due respect, gratitude and compassion for all others without sacrifice to our Hearts Intelligence… we will merge with the frequency of the Universe and our natural state of wisdom, certainty, and sovereignty assisting us then to walk through the world in an awakened state of grace.

Our progression on Earth matters to many Realms and many Masters holding both Earth and Humanity close to their hearts. It is for us to take our internal treasures and step courageously, powerfully and joyfully forward into a collaborative Leadership of a New Earth and creation of a New Reality for ourselves.

The intention and purpose of my collective work for 30+ years is to Unite, Ignite, Unify and Uplift the very heart of your being and bring you closer to the future of YOU in harmony with the frequency of the Universe..


Maureen Moss is a cultural transformer, a woman of rare power,
insight, courage, and persistence.

It may be the latter quality that sets her apart, for it is this quality that
has taken her to deep awareness of timeless truths,
which Maureen shares generously and brilliantly.

— Robert Rabbin
Creator and Author of Real Time Speaking and Soundbites from Silence