Maureen Moss is a cultural transformer, a woman of rare power,
insight, courage, and persistence.

It may be the latter quality that sets her apart, for it is this quality that
has taken her to deep awareness of timeless truths,
which Maureen shares generously and brilliantly.

— Robert Rabbin
Creator and Author of Real Time Speaking and Soundbites from Silence

Artist: Eva M. Sakmar-Sullivan  


May you come to honor yourself as the great Star Being that you are, sent to earth to birth a new Earth reality and a New World governed by Love.

May you walk this earth with awareness … blessing and synthesizing the restructuring Cosmic and earthly forces necessary for a Singular New Reality to be born.

May you walk now in harmony with your Soul…as it takes you by your heart and leads you to your Truly Created Life.

May you walk with gratitude, honor and respect for the Life you have been given… and the rarified opportunity it now affords you.

May you fulfill your Destiny.

—Maureen Moss