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Maureen Moss


How Would You Feel If You Were Bound By Nothing and Controlled by Nothing?

“I so appreciate your skill, talent and heart in bringing me more deeply into who I really am. Even though I received more than I thought I would in this session, I’m humbled at the depth and magnitude sixty minutes of connecting with you and your team of guides could bring. Thank you from the center of my heart.”

-P. Houston


“After our session my body just opened up and waves of love began to flow through me. I had never felt such love and joy.”

-S. Oberle, Ireland


Humanity Has a New Purpose.

The human adventure has gone beyond our wildest imaginings.

The human design, as it was, is now extinct.

Each has been called to “Master The God Experience©.”

Are You Ready?

If Not “We” Will Prepare You.

A Masterful Living Session, through direct transmissions and activations, is an opportunity for you to experience the way to enter the vibration of “The New Human”© to live fully and abundantly in the 5th Dimension.

A Masterful Living Session assists you in integrating, assimilating and adapting to the powerful 5th Dimensional Energies that are moving you into a completely new Life Cycle.

Without these actions taken consciously, 3rd Dimensional Energies continue to polarize you and hold you back from living your Destiny in the New World.

A Masterful Living Session moves you away from self-concept towards Self-Realization.

A Masterful Living Session is You saying Yes to releasing the final remnants of density and inaccuracy of the emotional and mental 3D world, allowing you to come into full alignment resonance and rapport with the 5D world.

A Masterful Living Session gives you powerful breakthroughs and upgrades in consciousness and a deep sense of relief as shadows turn to light, erroneous perceptions shift into magical awareness’s and layers of density begin to release with grace and ease.

A Masterful Living Session helps You say No More to struggling, striving and persevering. They are for you to come to know the way to override illusion, mental interference and assist you in embracing and bringing light to shadows, with love when they confront you. By this, you begin discovering your freedom and authentic power.


As an intuitive, for 35 years I have received transmissions from Ascended Masters, The Angelic/ Archangelic Realm and Galactic Councils from Higher Realms of Consciousness.

Through both the written word and spoken word I have used these blessings to serve as a catalyst for evolution in the human soul.

As your session opens a portal is opened. I Am unified in One Consciousness. This enables me to:

  • Read your energy field in minutes.
  • Assist in balancing and elevating your frequency field.
  • Bring to Light dormant and resistant aspects of yourself and empower you to shift them.
  • Begin deactivating Dual Pillars of Truth that keeps you in internal struggle.
  • Activate the Heart of God within you.
  • Begin shifting your lens of perception from 3D and 4D to 5D.
  • Connect you to your true purpose.
  • Help you unify, embrace and love the True You.
  • Take you from process to progress!

Throughout your session, together as ONE, your heart is opened through the transmission of words, sound, and energy to allow the alchemical power of wisdom, love, compassion, mystery and grace to enter into you, and transmute, unravel, bless, expand and usher you forward on your sacred, magical walk to freedom.

Using these gifts has profoundly changed thousands of lives around this world.

Life Changes, If You Allow It.

*NOTE: These are not life coaching classes…they are intended to assist those fully committed to stepping into the 5th Dimension.

All sessions are interactive.

“I could feel the last string of self-doubt disappear and my heart became whole again. All the damaged bits disappeared. My heart was clean and clear, which I was clearly shown. God bless you.”

-S. Rawat, UK


“Maureen, I am dropping a note to tell you how wonderful and effective it was working with you. You are an incredible person, with so much unconditional love flowing from you that I truly believe you could stand in the middle of Iraq and the war would stop. Thank you for stepping into my life. Blessings today and all-ways.”

-Shelley V.


Maureen, Thank you and the Light Beings who participated in last night’s session- it was AMAZING!!! Much Love and Light to you!

-P. Campbell



Each Session is sacredly held in loving consciousness.

Each Session is 1 hour in length.

Your Gift to Yourself: $200.00


Business Mentoring:

Unlock and Unblock the magic to catalyze your new business ventures, (or an existing one.) Ground your vision and expand your passion into Reality with innovative (and proven) concepts, tools and inspiration.

Three 1-hour sessions: $475.00

* The Three 1-hour sessions may be broken into personal & business sessions


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