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9 CD Set

After 2012 A New Request Was Given:

To Master The God Experience

Mastering the God Experience

9 CD Set

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This 9 CD downloadable set gives you a blueprint, experience and wisdom teachings necessary to enter the New World, consciously.

These 12+ hours are unedited. All Cosmic and Divine energy from the live sessions are embedded in each POWERFUL transmission, DEEP CELLULAR activation, EXPANSIVE meditations and MULTI-DIMENSIONAL wisdom teachings from the Higher Realms and Councils of Consciousness.

People are Talking

“The last class (Golden Rays Transmission) was like a supernova FULLY activating the God of my being. I sobbed deeply, completely overwhelmed with emotion, as the blinding golden rays of Love shot through my body into the far reaches of the Galaxy. Maureen, words cannot describe what this series has done for me.”

— S. Singer

“Maureen’s purpose is to ignite your transformation and these audios, through wisdom and experience will facilitate your ignition into your new human experience. Life will never be the same again.”

— S. Shafritz

“When you speak it reaches the depth of my soul. When you spoke about self-esteem, being different, the purpose of being here on earth now my eyes filled with tears. Finally a validation of what I wondered about my whole life.”

— P. Garver

“Oh My!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the open, flowing source of love that you are.”

— A. Edmonds



  • “Introduction:” Immediately, through experience you begin experiencing the sacredness of your true identity and purpose.
  • “A New Perspective of Who You Are:” Get ready to be moved into an Exalted state of consciousness through a multi-dimensional soul meditation.
  • “Being The Star In Your Own Life/Manifesting:” Receive an activation that blasts through every cell of your being, followed by a wisdom teaching.
  • “Diamond Alignment Experiential Activation:” Feel the full expression of the pristine, exquisite energy of the diamond chamber as you feel yourself endless, boundless, timeless and capable of directing your frequencies as you prefer.
  • “Frequency, Resonance & Happiness:” By one single action preceded by one profound invocation you feel a connection to your Mastery and REAL LOVE for yourself in a profound new way.
  • “Gamble Everything For Love:” What do you need to gamble for love? It’s easier than you’d imagine.
  • “Embracing The World With Love (Special Guest Lee Harris and the Z’s):” Groundbreaking, heart-opening, channeling from me and Lee and the Z’s about how to shift into pure Love mode and take it to the streets!
  • “The Golden Rays Transmission:” You will receive the Golden Ray Transmission, sourced from the highest bandwidths of Cosmic energy and experience an upgrade in your operating system.
  • “Q&A:” A full hour and a half of questions that you might just be wondering about yourself.
Mastering the God Experience
9 CD Set

VALUE: $399.00
Limited Time Offer: $99
Limited Time Special Offer. All Sales Are Final.
This is a digital product. No physical products will be shipped.


“Living As God: The Experiential Journey”
16 CD Set

The World Wide Course That Changed The Trajectory of The Human Experience

Living As God: The Evolutionary Experience

16 CD Set

VALUE: $1,600.00

Prepare to step into a very different human experience as you come closer to the Future of You.

During these 18+hours (unedited and with all cosmic and Christed energy, meditations and transmissions intact) you will be prepared for a life you have never experienced on this earth.

“Profound…every step of the way! What I have unlearned has birthed and activated a new peaceful me and a true purpose for being on this earth. Thank you from my deepest heart.”

— B. Sullivan, Ojai, California

Infinite Wisdom and Life Changing Transmissions Guide You Home.

“Maureen’s words are like a fire that curls around you and burns away the dross, the lies and beliefs that have caused us to stagnate into seemingly finite beings. Now we know how to be the Infinite God’s in form we were born to be.”

— S. Dubaga, Australia

As a result of this course you will be prepared to walk into a new authentic Template of Creation of yourself. From that template you will begin a new form of your evolution as Masters of The Human Experience.

Get ready to have your frequencies raised, everything you have learned, to be unlearned, your true life clarified, grounded, experienced and made real as you have actual, authentic experiences with your Infinite God Self, daily.

“This course changed my life, my marriage, my well-being, and my heart. The vibration of your heart and words always lifted me up and moved me into the purest Love I have felt. Thank you for the amazing journey Home.”

— Brenda S. Chicago, Illinois

Included In Your Journey:

  • “How To Live As God!”
  • “Quantum Manifesting.”
  • “Returning to Source Light: The Journey Home.”
  • “Purifying Your Heart: Meditation.”
  • “Coming Closer To The Future of You.”
  • “5th Dimensional Consciousness.”
  • “Living Life From Your New Center.”
  • “Loving You!”
  • “5D Heart, Perception and Awareness.”
  • “Entering the New World Consciously”…and much, much more.
16 CD Set

VALUE: $1,600.00

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Birthing The Heart and Mind of God – 19 CD Set
“The Course That Has Changed The Human Template”

Birthing the Heart and Mind of God

MP3 Download

(5 CD Bonus Set included as a free download with your purchase. See Below.)

Prepare to make a substantial ascension.

During these fully guided 19 hours (unedited and taken directly from the signature 9+ month class series, at a price of $900.00) you will be given rare insights, activations, transmissions, invocations, and profound guidance directly from Spirit and the Archangelic Realms, to make your ascension. You will be presented life-long tools and daily techniques to completely transform your human experience.

All of the energy remains embedded in every CD!

“Birthing The Heart and Mind of God” Is A Perfect Blend of Concentrated Focus and Holy Fires.”

— Joli

“The session with you and Archangel Metatron was nothing short of miraculous. As I write this, my crown is still wide open and vibrating. Amazing!”

— Emily M.

“Maureen, it is truly with the deepest gratitude that I thank you… from the breadth and depth of my soul,  thank you for providing me a path, a toolkit, and a system, that guides me to do what I came to this Planet to do and walks me right into my purpose.”


— Ainsley A.

“Thank you, Maureen for all your hard work, and your continuous devotion to the transformation of this planet. Birthing the Heart and Mind of God and the extension course has changed my life. To you and all the Divine Assistance throughout this course, I am truly grateful.”


— Penny

“I had the privilege to journey with you tonight through your words to the Temple of Wisdom. This is a place so familiar, so sacred to my heart. I came home tonight. I thank you Dear Maureen for being the instrument at this time and space.”


— Hannah Rose

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“All I can say is WOW! Maureen possesses an urgency that just gets through to you. I don’t believe I will be able to look at life in quite the same way again. She truly is a teacher and healer.”

— Lisa Garr, The Aware Show

“I wish I could put into words the love and enlightenment you are sharing. These classes have changed my life.”

— Cameron H.

“Never have I broken down with such tears of joy. This course has finally brought me to peace.”

— Zainon Shamsuddin

“I have been blessed over and over while participating in Birthing The Heart and Mind of God. Thank you for this gift.”

— Kathleen N.

“First of all let me thank you so very much for giving so many people a chance to access the Birthing the Heart & Mind of God classes. These classes and transcripts and all they contain are quickly changing everything about me!”


— Ria B.



Birthing The Heart and Mind of God – 5 CD Bonus Set

Birthing the Heart and Mind of God

                    MP3 Download

Included FREE With Your Purchase of the 19 CD Set

No doubt many of your answers lie within the answers to the questions in this Bonus Set.

This Question and Answer CD Set inspires and further clarifies your ascension and the “Birthing The Heart and Mind of God” Experience.

“Dearest Maureen, I couldn’t hear the last 10 minutes of the Q&A as I was crying so hard with love and gratitude. When you speak, your words have great power and lives change.”

— Ingrid

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Birthing The Heart and Mind of God
3-Month Extension Course

Birthing the Heart and Mind of God

MP3 Download

“This entire class is the most authentic/God connected material I have ever heard – and I have most.”

— P. Dymond, Canada

This energetic, vibrationally experiential addition to the 9-month course, “Birthing The Heart and Mind of God” came forth as a request from students worldwide.

Each desired to take the original course a step further to meet the ultimate needs and requirements to raise their vibrations and frequencies to meet the bandwidth of energy of the 5th Dimension, and stabilize it.

This additional “Extension Course” delivers just that!

You will experience what it means and feels like to live in a state of higher consciousness – a state of pure love, being fully connected in the present moment and vibrationally elevated. This is the space where you will fully experience what it means to love yourself and connect to your purpose on this planet at this magnificent time.

“I feel the vibration of love within me increased exponentially and the love of the angels around me so strongly.”

— A. Lambert

“This was perhaps the most profound, affirming thing I have ever heard. Every cell in my body knew without a doubt that I was hearing the Truth that came directly from the Divine. Wow!”

— Jessica Wares

“Thanks to this course my mind is finally empty and my heart is completely full. This course carries the peace that passes all understanding.”

Love and blessings to you,

— Mary P. Hanning

“I have been listening to the CD’s of Birthing the Heart and Mind of God almost daily and it has helped me so much.  I have heart and cancer issues that are directly related to all of the negative emotions and thoughts that I have had over the years. Now, they are all leaving me thanks to Birthing The Heart and Mind of God. “

— Linda Anderson 

“I cannot relay how much you have inspired me over the years and now God, the Angels and you have reminded us of the most important idea — to love ourselves as Mother/Father God Loves us. Thank you for Birthing The Heart and Mind of God, the pathway that brings peace and love to those of us who are listening and ready to receive it.”


— Christy


12 Dimensional Meditation/Invocation

12 Dimensional Meditation

MP3 Download

The journey you are about to take during this meditation traces its origin to ancient India. It is a systematic process through which master teachers were able to transmit a spiritual awakening to their students.

It is the sacred ancient that helps to adorn the sacred present and infuse it with The Wisdom of The Ages.

Prepare to meet one of your sacred guides who will be with you for the rest of your life. Your guide comes to you bearing a sacred gift that you will carry in your heart from this day forward.

“Never did I plan to meet the Guide I did at the conclusion of this meditation. I am so grateful. The tears continue to stream down my face as I write this. Thank you Maureen.”

— J. Shelton


How A Powerful Woman Awakens

How A Powerful Woman Awakens

MP3 Download

How A Powerful Woman Awakens is every woman’s opportunity to return to her Divine Heritage

“No longer a slave girl fastened to your past or your future, you are being summoned by the Holiest of Holies to climb atop the ‘story of your life’ and take your rightful place as a Powerful Woman. Take this to heart: You have already been designed to succeed.”

This powerful CD promises to return you to your magnificence. In it you are given:

  • Wisdom from the Feminine Hierarchy
  • Unobstructed pathways guiding you to retrieve your glorious self
  • Alchemical ways to awaken your innate power immediately
  • 13 life-changing commitments honoring the Divinity and grandeur of YOU, always
  • A meditation that delivers you to your fully awakened state

“The veils have been lifted woman and now you are free to awaken fully!”

“This CD is so powerful, so life changing, so important for every woman.”

— Stacey Robyn, Founder Go Gratitude Campaign

“Your CD How a Powerful Woman Awakens is the most powerful and helpful CD I have ever listened to. Thank you!”

— Lideke



The Hierarchy Takes You to the Heavens

The Hierarchy Takes You to the Heavens  CD

MP3 Download

One of the most compelling journeys you will ever take!

“You, the chosen modern day disciples of the Holiest of Holies are coming closer each day to your ascension. You are being moved to the fifth dimension. It is our pleasure to usher you closer to the Heaven of your Life. It is with honor and joy that we serve you.”

Prepare to have the veils of deception removed as you take this journey. All cords of separation will be severed along the way.

On the journey you will meet:

Truth, Wisdom, Peace, Your I AM Presence and Your Creator Source

“Maureen, I want you to know that I am so very grateful for your Presence on the CDs and in my life. Your voice has an incredible integrity that goes into me and really transforms me deeply. Thank you from my loving heart to yours.”

— Ingrid


Cosmic Wisdom

Cosmic Wisdom

MP3 Download

Prepare for entrance into the new world — you are about to be wisely guided there.

The Wisdom of the Cosmos delivers you to the magic of your life, and your internal peace as you approach the last chapter in your current human evolution.

“Why are you here, I asked? I am here to remind you and escort you in the ways in which to restore your Divinity through the knowledge and wisdom that you have relentlessly pursued since you awakened.”

In less than one hour you will have wise answers to questions you have not previously heard.

Each question has a direct impact on you personally. Each answer will change your life.

“The Lips of Wisdom Are Closed Except To The Ears of Understanding.”
-author unknown

“Now I have a ‘library’ of CDs by Maureen Moss that maintains and sustains every aspect of my spiritual growth. Maureen is always one step ahead of the conscious curve. Excellent, as always.”

— Renee Morgan Brooks,
globally acclaimed motivational speaker and performing artist.




MP3 Download

The information on this CD comes with a warning:

It shatters your illusions!

Beginning now and over the next few years, the metamorphosis that humanity has the opportunity to experience, calls for exacting action in order to orientate ourselves to the profundity and potential of what’s ahead.

Transformation gives you Master Keys, exacting actions, invocations, decrees, insights and attributes required for transformation from third dimensional human being to multi-dimensional human being.

“Maureen, all of your CDs and books are a huge vault of the golden truth, including this new one, Transformation. Your information has greatly accelerated my metaphysical awareness and saved me so much time. I just want to thank you and hope others on the path of seeking Truth will be as fortunate as I connecting with your work.”

— Bill Jordan


The Nature of Bliss

The Nature of Bliss CD

MP3 Download

The Five Contemplations of Bliss:
Balance, Love, Integrity, Sexuality, Soul

If your soul needs soothing, this is it.
If your heart needs calming, this is it.
If your energy needs stabilizing, this is it.
Powerful. Magical.

Each of the five aspects of bliss are a step up the ladder of ascension. From Maureen Moss, these five contemplations will quickly transform your energy field, bring you back to balance, and refresh your spirit. Prepare for transformation!

“Exploring the five keys to a blissful life helped me recall my own power.”

— Linda Rachel, Director of Programming, Wisdom Media


Special: 5 of Maureen’s CDs

Special: 5 of Maureen's CDs

MP3 Download

Buy all 5 of Maureen’s CDs: “How A Powerful Woman Awakens,” “The Hierarchy Takes You To The Heavens,” “The 5 Contemplations of Bliss,” “Cosmic Wisdom,” and “Transformation” for $68.99 plus shipping and handling.

“Maureen’s words are an inspired roadmap to your highest expression of Self.”

— Sonia Choquette, Ph.D., author of “Trust Your Vibes” and “Your Heart’s Desire”


Shapeshift Your Human Experience

Shapeshift Your Human Experience

MP3 Download

People have called the energy transmissions from this 8-hour teleseminar “Shapeshift Your Human Experience” the most powerful they have ever felt.


Dearest Maureen,

POWERFUL!!! I could feel the spiritual guidance and energy enter my body in waves, feels like a thousand points of light tingling all over my body, especially when you call in the Masters and Angels!

Tonight, was again amazing! So many personal insights, so much movement!

– L. Duncan

Included in this fully channeled 8-hour series is the Platinum Ray dispensation and activation that came from Lord Metatron and changed many lives. It also includes the journey into the Jade Temple, a beautiful message from St. Germain, powerful messages from the Masters, energetic realignments, and a group healing. And yes you will feel it! Energy travels and it’s definitely traveled into this 8-hour series.

You are a heartbeat away from the sacred conclusion of pain, polarity and duality. This series will definitely empower you to get there, and is a powerful gift to give to you, your family, and your friends.

“You Can’t Make Up The Answers In Your Mind.
You Must Change Your Energetic Alignments.”


Dearest Maureen,

I couldn’t hear the last 10 minutes of the Q and A as I was crying so hard with love and gratitude…still am crying…to You and Spirit for being with me (us) tonight.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this series Maureen, when you speak, your words have great power.

May you be at Peace and experience Love All ways,

– Ingrid