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The Next Spiral of Our Evolution Be Prepared

August 6, 2018

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The Next Spiral of Our Evolution
Be Prepared

Dearest Hearts

Faster than anyone could have imagined now (and in spite of external appearances,) earth and many of humanity are spiraling back upward to where we came from stopping for awhile in the 5th dimension, though with access far beyond that once we are stabilized, trusting the nature of our new nature, enjoying the subtleties and vibrancy of a new level of embodiment and perceiving ourselves from a far different perspective than we have before.

The feeling of nirvana is not an elusive one here where peace of mind prevails, the heart dances with the soul and the personality has lost its need to express as more or less of itself.

Many of us came down to the third dimension from the 8th, 9th and 10th dimension where Love was our nature, As One was our reality and fear, separation, powerlessness, psychic invasions, not belonging, inhumanity and lack…well, we didn’t know about that though were about to experience it (and more,) and do something about it eventually and effectively…For All Time and For All One.

In the realms from which we came we were, after all, Masters with endless capabilities. And, with all our hearts and capabilities we came to conquer the greatest pile of Beneath ourSelves ever on a planet… not only for ourselves though to effectively spiral up every other dimension as a result.

No need to repeat what it has taken for most of us to advance out of the downward spiral of the human template other than to say only Masters with a massive amount of heart and a commitment to Love could accomplish such a feat.

The Next Incoming Phase

Prior to the next major turning point and upward spiral prompted by three eclipses, two retrogrades, and an unprecedented Lions Gate (*for those that inquired, yes there will be a powerful immersion, activation and journey with the Sirians,) preparation will prove very helpful.

All your bodily systems particularly the nervous system and chakras along with your state of mind, state of balance, neutrality, connection with your Sacred Heart, Soul and I Am Presence are pathways of reception and synchronization for all incoming frequencies…thus requiring attention, connection, alignment with and listening to.

Incoming throughout this time are Golden Light frequencies which is the frequency of Gods Light that emanates from the Great Central Sun and the Blue Light Ray streaming from Sirius activating our Light bodies and sparking the next level of consciousness we are currently on the periphery of entering.

Note: For those that participated both in Soulstice, whereby we merged and married the Heart and Soul of each in the Diamond Heart Center of Mother/Father God with a recalibration by the Great Central Sun, and the activation/meditation Honoring the Sacred/Honoring You whereby a resonance to your Divine energetic signature, holy Self and true God nature was experienced, established and honored…please continue integrating both.

For those that would like, they are both available and contain the same powerful energy, frequency upgrades and new expansion codes.

In addition for all: make certain that everything that has come to you from the Higher states of your Self or solidly elsewhere has gone beyond awareness and is integrated (merged with your heart.)

Higher consciousness, Self-awareness and Self-love cannot lie on top of information, nor make ready a path of receptivity. Knowledge is not a form of integration and changes nothing.

Take stock of where you might still be attempting to impose your will unto your life or onto another. Free will is in direct opposition to the unity consciousness of the Will of God…or all things in perfect timing.

The insistence or impatience we have all carried prompting us to use our will as (believed) power for movement created duality, polarity, pain and separation… each time rubbing salt into our collective and personal core wounds of separation that occurred in our first incarnation.

Let your will go in preparation to open a path for incoming Light and fusion from the Will of God.

Cohesion of your internal state of being is crucial as we enter these massive turning points. Without which, we are unable to synchronize our human vessels to the frequencies of our crystalline DNA nor with Golden Light incoming frequencies causing incredible turmoil then for our bodies and nervous systems.

Remain neutral, focused and observe. An aspect of the incoming energies now and particularly during the window of the Lions Gate has a great deal to do with Illumination/Enlightenment and Truth…the second of the Rays of Light incoming from Sirius.

Remember we are being activated into a wholly new life experience. Due to the fact that all of the energies now may cause irritability, confusion, sleeplessness and feeling on the edge… the mind will look for a reason as to what is causing this from its basket of illusory possibilities, not from Illumination. Bless your mind and don’t listen to it.

Slow down self-talk and your pace… breathe and listen to what your heart, soul, intuition and body are speaking to you and to what you know is true. You are in the midst of full body template re-organizing patterns of energy, multiple mini activations and a pull toward adaptation and preparation for alignment with your Original Blueprint and Soul Destiny. Connect and engage. Connect and engage. Connect and engage.

Your Mastery as a noble, daring, patient, neatly-balanced being of Light is being called forth now as we shift into high gear in preparation for the incoming spin of the next great spiral of our evolution.

Copyright 2018 Maureen Moss. Please feel free to share with friends and family, just keeping name and website intact.

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