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World Meditation & Activation
Honoring The Sacred- Honoring You


Note From Maureen: I have done hundreds of meditations and activations and I can honestly say this was and is one of my favorite for many sacred reasons. It is a to the core powerful activation that I have listened to at least 2 dozen times. It is one that will alter your perception of yourself vastly and raise your frequency exponentially every time you listen.

The time is upon us to bless and synthesize the restructuring Cosmic and earthly forces necessary for a Singular New Reality to be born within You and upon this Earth.

In an unprecedented Sacred World Meditation and Personal Activation, in honor of The Sacred You in transit to your new Life, we come together with Mother/Father God to weave you into Oneness with your new life.


On this day, held by Love you become Living Love on behalf of Earth, Humanity and Self.

On this day, you unite as One Soul of Love and Light stabilizing your imprint on the 5th Dimensional grid.

On this day, the Creation of Your Being is connected to Your Highness, Your Sacredness, Your Value & Worth.

On this day, you will be activated, harmonized and aligned with the Truth of who you are, using Source Love as both the Reminder and The Regenerator.

On this day, you will be deeply blessed.


I bow to you in deep reverence and gratitude for this most powerful and enlightening meditation/activation. I was vibrating, crying and full of joy all at the same time. It is absolutely awesome.

I can’t begin to tell you how honored I am to have crossed paths with you. You are one of the few that has rocked my world.

—Soma Singh

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