SOULSTICE-Global Activation-Unification of Heart and Soul



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Global Activation/Unification of Heart and Soul

You are invited to activate, ignite and unify the spiritual essence behind your physical form.

The Divine once said to me, “make preparations ahead of time.”

The frequency and vibration of powerful and often quantum shifts is continuous now. The opportunity for embodied enlightenment never more energized nor heightened.

The true meaning of embodied enlightenment is to bring forth the full potential and voice of your Soul and Heart as One Illumined Maker expressing and creating your Life through you on earth.

That Miraculous Occurrence Happens During This Activation while In The Diamond Heart Center of The Great Central Sun.

The focus of Soulstice is:

  • To actively open and inner-connect you to the downpour of amplified New Diamond Creation Codes of Light streaming onto Earth and into Humanity both on Solstice and over the next three months.
  • To bring you into rapport with the heightened space of opportunity to establish the union of your Heart and Soul… the primordial gateway to your true inherent Original Nature binding you to your Holy Self.
  • And, to bring you into alignment to more readily transcribe your Specific Souls Creation Codes that authentically depicts and illuminates you.

Each is essential for you to be able to Live and Love as never before.

The Heart and Soul fusion and the synthesis each makes will create a new origin point for your entire existence to the evolutionary, wild, magical and sacred to be established, and your true destiny exposed.

A profound experience! I saw the cells in my body turn gold.

—Renee Morgan Brooks


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