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Our New Purpose: Mastering The God Experience

October 16, 2014

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. Before sharing the message about our true purpose and Mastering The God Experience I wish to thank all of you for your notes and Emails (and patience) inquiring, “if I was coming back,” “if I was ok,” “would The New World Puja Network continue,” and “would I continue to teach?”

The answers: Yes, Yes, I am in heart-storming conversations about that, and Yes, amongst other creative, heart fulfilling endeavors.

A bit more to the point, briefly, it seemed I had little choice but to accept the gift of a sabbatical, (not a vacation,) by the Divine, that sets up house inside of me.

During this time the only focus I had was excavating and bringing Light to every ‘body’ in my Being, including my pain body that I had stored in my emotional body’s attic. After quite a traumatic experience, the rafters finally gave way and pain was spilling out everywhere. Someone had to clean up the mess, and that someone was me.

Someone had to shift the play, the perception, and the personalization that seemed to be stuck in all of my bodies and amp up the God in me. That someone was me.

There was no shutting down (though I tried that,) and no praying it away.

I spoke aloud to the Universe a quote from singer, songwriter Alanis Morissette. “I intend to get to the bottom of me where no pain and no lies (illusions) remain.”

The Universe apparently heard my intention, for the strip down, breakdowns, confrontations, journeys and conversations with councils and Light Beings between dimensions, intensified day after day.

Eventually so did the breakthroughs.

At times the goings on of this sabbatical scared the hell right out of me, other times it fascinated me, while at other times it brought Love so deeply into me.

My Soul informed me there was nothing to fix or make better, only to shift so we could align and traverse timelines and dimensions together. I trusted my Soul and eventually there was Light streaming into all of my bodies. Peace was not far behind it and further transmissions and teachings became part of my every day experience.

I know this for sure Beloveds, the ongoing initiations and mutations that continue for all of us, is to be recognized only as Love leading us to the Promised Land.

The Promised Land is Mastered Consciousness

And, in order to reach The Promised Land we must Master The God Experience.

For it is only until and unless we do, that all of the wars that swell inside of us will end, and a full ascension made possible. At that point we will either stay on this beautiful planet to simply enjoy the miracles and pure joy we have yet to experience, or move on to new vistas, as we prefer.

Note: This is not a job. It is the exploration of a life that has been aching to express itself since you were born. It’s you cultivating the endless potential of what already exists inside of you.

Like you I Am here now, learning, progressing, merging and meeting a new version of myself. I joyfully find myself merging with an expanded collective of multi-dimensional intelligences existing in many dimensions that are teaching me both through transmission and experience how to blend, modulate and marry the energies, vibration and Light of our Creator to Self, and how to restructure consciousness, in order to Master The God Experience.

An Insight Into “Mastering The God Experience”

There is much more to share regarding Mastering The God Experience. You will find that upcoming in my articles, within my Private Sessions, a new class, and more. In the meantime before I share what’s new on Thrive, I will leave you with this for now.

To Master The God Experience is to unleash the Creators frequency that burns inside of us, of both Light (wisdom) and Love, into full expression.

That frequency has been held at bay as a result of many reasons not the least of which has been living without an accurate sense of Self, Sacredness or Self-worth. We have steeped ourselves in endless problem solving, trying to get to the other side of karma, dissatisfaction, anxiety, fear and guilt.

We aimed our sites and our actions at what we thought was wrong with us rather than lifting what is sacred in us.

We married ourselves to a consciousness that has lived in reverse truth.

And, that frequency has also been held at bay, (but for a few who refused to accept it as so,) to accommodate the unfoldment of evolution.

No more

That frequency that has always lived within the sacred flame of God that burns within each of us is now ready to be fully lit and unleashed.

It is an intelligent (not intellectualized) frequency that responds to internal love, the desire for freedom, strongly held intention, wisdom, vibrational connectedness to all that is holy, happiness and consistent action. It is earned, not given, though available to all.

During my sabbatical I was taken on a journey and shown the internal flame of God within the human physical body. Through a transmission I was blessed to feel what it meant to our Creator to have parts of Itself implanted within each of us waiting to be fully expressed.

For hours I was in an altered state and brought to my knees in tears. Never had I taken into my heart the depth of our Creators love for us, and the sacredness of myself and all of us entrusted to carry the Creator within us.

We are to know that within the Divine Plan for the evolution of humanity it was deigned that when our human natures ineffectual behavior outgrew the need to learn and live in the confinement of a frequency that blasts and controls us with chaos, ineffectiveness and confusion, this sacred internal flame would flare up (meaning the God within us would flare up.)

In doing so, it would begin to make evident, in all manners of expression and relationship, frequency divides and distortions within us in such pronounced manners that it would instigate our Divine natures to begin to break through our human natures, most often fighting for dominion in any and every way possible, both through loss and exploration of new possibilities.

The sanctity of our Creation in human form was at stake, as was the promise of sovereignty. It still is. The question remains, what will we do?

We carry the potential to become a race of super humans, to become the most potent beings of Creation ever to exist, though we must choose and act, with clarity and love. Choose and act with clarity and love. Choose and Act…with Clarity and Love.

We are invited to stop intellectualizing and believing that an eclipse, a moon, a new year, a new job, a new relationship, an affirmation, a stay at the beach or the mountains, a tele-seminar or anything outside of us is going to do it for us. They cannot.

Each helps to shift our perception, offer information or insight, opens new portals of possibilities, may spark our interest, help quiet our bodies and minds or amplify energy. Help means to assist, support and guide but not to make happen.

How will you choose and act with clarity and love to Master The God Experience?

Namaste Beloveds,


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