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Pippa Merrivale
Mary Magdalene

The Return of Mary Magdalene
Restoring Your Divine Feminine Blueprint

Guest: Pippa Merivale

Date: Thursday, May 4, 2017

Time: 11:00AM Pacific / 12:00PM Mountain / 1:00PM Central / 2:00PM Eastern

This is a Special and timely conversation with 25 year Global Leader, 3-Time Author, brilliant healer, founder of Metatronic Healing and The Divine Healing Clinic, Pippa Merivale. Pippa’s work transcends the boundaries of space and time.

Her ability to reconfigure energy and brilliantly synthesize with the energies of Archangel Metatron, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene in both her writing and immersions are highly unique and unlike any I have known and experienced.

Rather than wax poetic about Pippa, I share her website with you and invite you to join us in this conversation about Mary Magdalene and you.

Imagine a powerful current of Love so vast, so inclusive it encompasses Wisdom, Power, Passion, Trust, Truth & Joy. Imagine, this current infuses you and awakens the Goddess in your core. These are the Love-energies of Mary Magdalene, the archetype of Female Power and Grace, whose presence has returned to Earth at a time of such urgent and widespread need.

Mary Magdalene is back to Restore the Divine Feminine Blueprint and prepare each in her company to go forth now, powerfully, confidently and with the deepest Love, as the Golden Age unfolds and your mission as a New Human begins.

In This Conversation We Will Talk About:

  • Awakening Your Divine Feminine Blueprint (this is for all women and men.)
  • Mary Magdalene’s direct teachings from a Higher Dimension
  • How Mary Magdalene, a woman 2,000 years ahead of her is here to serve you now
  • The end of separation and limitation
  • All doors opening for you
  • The qualities of the Divine Feminine
  • The 8 Day Mary Magdalene Immersion

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