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Living As God: The Experiential Journey

May 20, 2014

Dearest Hearts,

It is here and it is now. We have reached the place in our evolutionary history that we have taken on skin and bones for hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes to experience.

The month of April’s insistent energies became the keynote month to investigate (and continue to investigate) deeply who we are, really, why we are here, truly and where the powerful energetic pulses are leading us to, honestly.

Never, as a species, have we engaged in such a high level game of creation, or more appropriately re-creation. Within this past month, what we have had the opportunity to experience at varying levels of consciousness, and hopefully with deep regard, is merely Chapter One in humanities shift from a casual relationship to life to a whole and holy conscious collaboration with Life as living Gods on the Planet of Earth.

For those that lovingly emailed asking why I hadn’t written articles during this potent time nor done new interviews on “Thrive” or begun a new class, it was due to deeply and fully immersing myself in the sacred and often times demanding tutorial of each moment and every experience at hand.

My heightened and deepened awareness and sense of responsibility to Life—to my life, to Our Life, to Love, to our Creator, and to that which is yet to be created became priority.

Throughout this time I found (and continue to find) myself deeply humbled in Loves presence and by its invitations, particularly on the days Love demands much.

“Go deeper, go deeper, go deeper. Follow your intent. Go deeper. Breathe. Lean on Love. Go deeper.”

I could only write in my journal and align with Love.

In my alignment with Love, I thought about my deep appreciation and love for you and your yes, to be here now.

I wondered if you realized, through the days of the planets ‘squaring off,’ intense moments of back-to-back moons, an eclipse, the Grand Cross and endless solar flares and emotional fires, along with the grace-filled moments, what a profound and loved Creation you are? I prayed so.

I wondered if you realized in and through the pressurized days last month and now, that you are as clay in the hands of God, shaping you and giving you new life in order that you are well prepared to Steward Creation on behalf of the New Earth?

And, I felt the depth of gratitude for every one of you that I have met in some manner throughout the years, be it energetically over the airwaves, through sessions, in my classes, or as a result of an Email.

Now, together, we are being given the opportunity to awaken to the profundity of living evolution in such a palpable way, a responsible way and a loving way. Nothing is the same, nor will it be, providing we cease supporting limiting frequencies that keep us separated from the greater experience of ourselves as Gods in form.

I look forward to the joy of new creations and our watering of new passions. I look forward to each of us feeling our Mother/Father God in and through ourselves smiling and ‘exclaiming,’ look at what We Created!

Know You Are Loved,


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