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Ascension Refinement Cycle

October 5, 2017

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Dearest Hearts,

Blessings to all of you.

Do you remember tumblers, those machines that rocks are put into and it tumbles, smooths and polishes them turning each into gemstones? Some tumblers are rotary while others are vibratory producing a great deal of friction between the rocks in the tumbler resulting in a rapid removal of unusable material.

In a sense that is what is occurring for us. We are down to the removal of unusable material at our core level. The tumbler we are in is a fast pulsing powerful God Sourced energy tumbler putting us through the high vibrational friction of the ascension refinement cycle to get to the remains of karmic imprints, emotional distortion energy, physical trauma and the misconstrued belief of separation from Creator.

Each is residue of our original 3D experience in human form and the reason many find themselves in sudden bouts of emotional and physical highs and lows, a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, odd sleep patterns and at times deep heart aches. These are the effects of separation from distortion in our core.

This phase we are in isn’t a quick one, though it is The One that pulls all the plugs out of a matrix and reality that almost destroyed many lives, again… as long as we consistently work in tandem with it, neither blocking its navigation or giving into fear… and monitoring and using our expanded state of consciousness and Love to help dismantle what’s left of it and still running in us.

It is crucial we hold ourselves in a stabilized field consistently now to experience a complete unplugging from the matrix of 100% distortion, limitation and endless miscreations. Even 1% of attachment to it distorts our field and tarnishes our path ahead.

Challenging as it is at times, the God Sourced energy is stunningly assisting us to do what we came to this Planet for…to make ourselves whole again…and joyful. First by dissolution of all that was and then by stabilizing and reassembling, through Heart and Realization, the I Am that always has been… Self-sourced, Self-loved, Self-governing and Self-reliant.


What amplified this acceleration is the earth activity and activity of the sun and moon. After an awe-inspiring Eclipse season that gave us a glimpse of peace that passeth understanding and for many a deeper desire to be on earth, we weren’t anticipating the fast moving upheaval that a torrent of solar flares, hurricanes, fires, erupting volcanoes and insane terrorist attacks, affecting us all in one way or another would bring.

We had a sweet taste of natural peace that was deep, pervasive and quickly shifted. We’ve known all too well what happens when we lose peace… we lose our Self. The taste was so strong as to keep us moving in that direction as a Priority above all other lower reality driven emotions.

Its not a stretch to remember we have lived in paradox for a very long time on the earth plane knowing our calling to become Gods yet not being able to get there through such blinding density and paradox.

Regardless, day after day, year after year, decade after decade, lifetime after lifetime and for millennia we were summoned to leap blindly into both and find our way out. And here we are again at the promising end.

The difference now is the density and paradox aren’t as blinding for many reasons, not the least of which is we are (at varying levels,) holding a higher vibration and consciousness of Reality no matter the uncontrollable, colliding external reality.

Though shocking and heart rendering a bit to often, still we feel ourselves creating a new civilization. And many can feel God inside their skin and are beginning to rest in that.

Everything Carries Acceleration Codes

What has been made clear to me is that just as through the Eclipse season and solar gateways that transferred and released accelerated codes of Light and switched on strands of dormant DNA through a transfer of Consciousness and the sacred geometry of our Divine Template, so to is every upheaval doing the very same thing.

Along with the accelerated codes given from Source Consciousness into human consciousness came (and continues to come,) core cellular release requiring heightened activity…deemed good or bad… Cosmic or Earthly…to excavate what is unable to co-exist in a new Heart centered cohesive template of Divine Life existence on earth.

Use Your Self Well

Whatsoever this phase of acceleration brings remember we are in a new state of deep refinement preceding the creativity of great change. Everything…every circumstance, every interaction, every activity of people, earth, Source, sun, moon, paradox, Light and Dark will provide opportunity to bring new realizations, neutrality Love and Light to you and more of each out of you. Judge nothing.

Old realities will confront you. Recognize them simply as that…an old reality still in activity. Remain neutral. Use your Love and Higher consciousness to lift them or let them be if they belong to someone else.

Be a beacon of Light for those unable to see and grateful for the gems of God you are being turned into… yet always were.

Experiment and use your Self as you are becoming with curiosity and deeper perception. Practice being your Self.

Magically choose and breathe life into a reality more in alignment with your Self and your Soul… whether anyone agrees or not. You Are The Creator.

It has been spoken and written that…we have a massive learning curve ahead of us. So be it. We’ve tackled far more daunting curves than this.

Trust, Love, Realize, Stabilize, Align, Integrate and Know You Are Loved.

Realization and Integration of Acceleration Codes: Part 2

Integration of New Acceleration Codes

Dates: Wed. Oct. 18, 2017, Thu. Oct. 19, 2017, Tue. Oct. 24, 2017 for Q&A (Replays and MP3’s available)

Time: 6:00PM Pacific / 7:00PM Mountain / 8:00PM Central / 9:00PM Eastern

I am delighted to continue to bring forth a higher more astutely aware and active phase of realizing, experiencing, integrating and applying the undiluted Acceleration Codes taking each of you into a more phenomenal unified state of Union with your Original Blueprint and your True God Self by bringing you Cosmic wisdom coupled with first hand experience in Part 2 of Realization and Integration of New Light Codes.

For more details and to join us…Click Here.

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