Integration of New Acceleration Codes Part 2




Integration of New Acceleration Codes

Part 2

Integration of New Acceleration Codes


Hosted by Maureen Moss

Dates: Wed. Oct. 18, 2017, Thu. Oct. 19, 2017, Tue. Oct. 24, 2017 for Q&A

Time: 6:00PM Pacific / 7:00PM Mountain / 8:00PM Central / 9:00PM Eastern

Price: $44.00


In Part 1 of Realization and Integration of the Accelerated Light Codes, Realizations were had… Consciousness Expanded… Integration began.

The heightened realizations and active experiences leading to understanding the way to work with ALL aspects of consciousness increased each ones ability to begin integrating and mentoring their Highest Potential…beyond confusion…of their New Life Existence.

In Part 2, we continue a higher more astutely aware and active phase of realizing, integrating and applying the undiluted Acceleration Codes, taking each one into a more phenomenal unified state of Union with your Original Blueprint, your Higher consciousness and your True Self as you are NOW.

An enlightenment phase of Your Self has been initiated and the gates to Your Destiny opened. Lets keep going!

Integration of New Codes of Light Part 2 will include:

  • Meditations & Activations further supporting Integration.
  • Getting to know and work with your Soul Consciousness…Part 1.
  • Building a sustainable harbor for ALL of your consciousness.
  • Holding the vibration of Love to maintain the New Codes.
  • A message from Source to You.
  • Self-Realization continued…Self-Empowerment amplified.
  • 1 Hour Long Q&A
  • A New Closed Community Facebook Page to get to know, support, inspire, and share with each other.

People From Session #1 are Talking

“You take such loving care with every word delivered and the sage guidance and wisdom that is flowing from your heart to us. Your Mastery shines bright and clear!” -Suzanne Shafriz

“It is a pleasure to hear Mastery and uncomplicated wisdom together inspiring us to take action that you clearly lay out to set ourselves up to succeed.” -Chris Hammond

“Profound, Uncomplicated, Balanced. This works for me!” -Stephanie Rastar

“A great peace has come over me. I am grateful.” -Mark Rosen

“Starting over doesn’t scare me anymore. I’m excited. We’re all in this together.” -Sheree Filipiak


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