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June 9, 2016

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

It’s almost unfathomable, that at warp speed, we have reached the midpoint of 2016… the year ensuring that our True Self with its singular nature is offered the greatest opportunities to be realized.

In my recent experience, and witnessing others… this month appears to be a turning point to the here we go again energies of the preceding months and years…by which we have narrowly escaped rupturing the greater part of our sanity (or, perhaps we have… and that’s a sacred blessing.)

Conversations, I’ve noticed, have changed from what we are going through… to what we are moving toward. Though still exhausted many a day, there is an awareness of being refueled at the same time.

And though clearly, still in the throes of what I now call the challenged to be remarked upon political divisive mayhem, and in close proximity to the underpinnings being pulled (and then restructured) from beneath our supremely flawed economic structure… we have never been closer to our true state of being and its enactment…while in human form.

No longer at the intersection of who we truly are…many have crossed the line. No longer held in a state of contradiction (unless we do it to ourselves)… we are free to experience non-duality.

Also, we are able to leave our engagement with the human template with all its karmic implications and begin experiencing the physicalization of unhindered Love…providing of course, that we have traveled to our core and untangled ourselves from our linear perspectives, expired realities and inferior… or even lofty… self-concepts that would decompose under the Light of Truth.

This Month Marks a New Upleveling and Unfolding of Humanity’s Ascension/Descension

In this next phase, we are no longer initiated by tests or trials from unknown sources or former contracts perpetuating our merger with our true Selves.

Now, using our own embodied Intelligence … we are fully responsible for taking the lead in initiating and upleveling ourselves into the next unsuppressed natural state of our evolution…as our One True Self.

Doing so begins the stabilization process of Self-governance, Self-sustainability, Self-cognition and Self-Love…the foundation upon which our new lives are being built.

We do this first, by conceding all *self-concepts to Self-Realization… informed and sustained by the vertical plane of your Higher consciousness.

(Not attempting to make this complicated, a quick ‘difference’ is offered to help override the practices and perceptions derived from limited self-concepts.)

*self-concept has been humanities greatest undermining and biggest interference to being able to embrace ones true nature, and love ones true Self.

It is conceived in the mind and based on assessments and attachments to thoughts formed about experiences. Created on the linear plane of consciousness (3D) and bred by expired realities… self-concept is both dual and conflictual in its nature.

self-concept delivers you to fate.

Self-Realization…on the other hand… is undivided, internally peaceful Masterful consciousness awakened, inspired and informed from the vertical plane of consciousness providing evidence of Truth to ones intuitive knowing.

It is congruent joyful awareness.

Self-Realization is essential to waking up, walking the Earth as a Light Being and fulfilling ones true potential.

Self-Realization leads to your destiny.

Second, (in this next phase,) is you making choices that defy memory, logic and linear reason.

Then, by your ability to actively and consistently engage with your Higher mind, your deepest heart and physical body… bringing them into sacred relationship. (This action in of itself is the very definition of Ascension/Descension.)

And ultimately… through your ability to absorb Source Light (very refined frequencies in your body,) coming about only as a result of consistently engaging with each inextricably linked activity above.

Important to Note About Your Physical Body

While actively engaged in all of the above, important to note is our physical bodies will simultaneously continue to undergo unprecedented restructuring (from carbon based back to crystalline based bodies)… a prerequisite for being able to literally re-activate and radiate the Light of God while on this earth plane.

This in itself is perhaps the greatest of all feats and amongst the most extraordinary.

Quick post it note: In order to take on form and exist on this planet, a garment of flesh had to be created that covered our crystalline Light Body.

Over lifetimes, our garment of flesh thickened…densified… as our consciousness, frequencies, chakras, cells and our DNA became weighed down by the ramifications and concepts born of false realities created with and without our consent, as well as false identities that our egos took a liking to… and we adopted through hundreds of lifetimes.

Covered in delusion and misperception, the Light of God (the radiant Wisdom and Truth of God) began to decrease, making it far more difficult to connect with the Embodied Intelligence inherent within us…until now.

And So Now… Spanning The Ages We Have Arrived Here.

Were we not living this moment now, it would be almost unbelievable that this type of conversion on every level would even be possible.

As I write this, tears fill my eyes with the wonder of Who We Are and what we were made capable of. Ours is a history that will doubtfully be able to be expressed to the level of its majesty.

You are…WE ARE… extraordinary beings that said yes to the most arduous experience…in any Universe.

What we are responsible for in this next phase is paramount to changing the trajectory of not only the entire human experience going forward for ALL on earth… but to my understanding… changing the trajectory of experience for those in the Cosmos we have looked to for guidance, support and comfort.

We have come through the most difficult, treacherous, heart wrenching part of it. The most awesome lies in front of us.

Will there be challenges ahead? Yes, though we are now able to walk with those challenges with far more Light, (wisdom and Truth,)… with far greater Love… and with each other.

What has been gained can never be taken away from any one of us… ever again.

Go forth in peace…


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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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