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The Time of Ascension

August 4, 2015

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

I started this important conversation and delivered a portion of it on Facebook earlier this week. Now it’s important to expand it, as it affects many of you reading this.

I may be taking a risk here, though I am writing this to offer new considerations and an expanded awareness regarding the continuously spoken about, rushed towards, and often concerned about predicted Ascension date. And, to answer the question many are asking. Will you make your ascension by the time that has been assigned it?

I Begin With These Questions.

Do you believe you are bound by time? Do you believe you are subject to an absolute outcome due to a specific time, or date given or predicted in regard to something global or personal occurring?

How often have you noticed when a time has been given for something to occur and it didn’t? How often have you noticed the time (or timeline) then shifted, extended or simply had been done away with?

We have been offered the opportunity for awareness by metaphysicians, scientists, mystics and more, that time as we know it, does not exist apart from the terms that the human mind uses it for.

Consciousness In Greater Reality Offers:

“The human mind has been bound and controlled by the limitations of perceived time or excited by the belief in their potential over a period of time. Most have fallen prey to the excitement of what predicted time will deliver to them and disappointed when time does not deliver.”

“Many of you are aware that your life on Earth is only one of simultaneous realities/possibilities. Many are discovering or have discovered they have access to wisdom, information, conversation and awareness that goes far beyond the make-up of the 3rd, 4th and even 5th and 6th dimensional reality.”

“As such, there is more than just ‘this time’ going on in your life.”

“Beloveds, you are not pawns on a chessboard dictated by time nor prediction. You are powerful beings creating your reality wherever you are through your will, your love and your ability to shift your consciousness, your vibration, and your feeling nature.”

“It is not to be overlooked that your main focus now however, is your attainment of a more truthful and greater reality on the Earth upon which you live most predominantly, through your day to day activities in consciousness.”

“The human mind, side-tracks many. It agonizes, even suffers over the time it takes to fully open ones heart, or the time it takes to learn to trust, to love, to come to peace, or find themselves worthy.”

“Each are massive accomplishments duly noted in the Hall of Records spanning innumerable lifetimes. Each are the timeless ascension markers themselves affecting the evolution of all humanity and the earth. Time is an energy, not a frozen state of being.”

“No-Time Is The Measurement of Greater Multi-Dimensional Realities.”

“What one may notice in relation to the notion of time is the unfolding of experience and circumstance through a span of time. A span of time is the evolution of energy in which a series of movements and unfoldment occurs.”

“Currently, on Planet Earth you live in an energetically amplified quickened span of time and in the most progressive ‘version’ of your life here on Earth. You will soon, if you have not already, consciously gain access to other realities and possibilities and have life consciously in them as you bring Heaven To Earth through your body, from the heart of the body of All That Is, simultaneously.”

This Is Not Relegated To Time. It Is Up To You!

Remember, it has occurred more than once that when humanity has been given a specific time, a narrow timeline or a date most have believed that on that date or within that frame of time either they were going somewhere, that something was going to be delivered to them, a collapse or decline was going to occur, heaven would be delivered to earth, or humanity would be delivered to heaven while on earth.

There have been many disappointments.

To The Point

The one true purpose for being given a date, a time or a timeline for any part of one’s ascension on the Earth, including experiencing ones ascended nature, is to offer each an opportunity to participate with many while holding a unified focused intent to expand infinite possibility and potential. It is a way for us to come closer to the Heart of Oneness and the fullness of who we are.

It is through this and by this that We come together in a unified field, (beyond all time and space,) not as separate individuals…to create keys that unlock doors.

For those concerning if you are going to make your ascension ‘in time’ I invite you to consider this:

No You Won’t Because There Is No Time and Yes You Will Because There Is No Time.

Humanity is at a convergence point. The ‘times’ prophesied are Universal energetic opportunities for you to further align yourself with your Greatest Potential as a Grand Master and A Great God in human form.

In love for yourself allow your Heart and Soul speak to you and help you move forward and upward. Allow them to transfer their deep knowledge to you during this ‘span of time.’ Let them move you as you love, live, think, choose, act, guide and stabilize your being moment to moment and day to day.

You each choose the days in which you ascend….or not. Transcend your worries, doubts and concerns. Remain only in the frequency of love and gratitude as you journey upward.

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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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