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April 25, 2019


Journey Into The Beautiful Stargate

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“We come to expand you and to assist the vitality of Love to move through your bodies filling the Earth and Cosmos with your vital vibration.
—The Pleiadians

Dearest Hearts,

What a Massive Month of shift and realizations… purging and integration, accountability without judgment and with Love… deep, deep clearing particularly of the mental body and DNA. Each day amplifying the frequency of Unity Consciousness within ourselves. Each day a lifetime of change. Each day a rarified opportunity to advance in Consciousness as consciousness itself is moved hour by hour from one reality to another depending upon our engagement with it.

There is nothing to hold on to but Love of Self.

My Higher Self wisdom has been be willing, be the watcher, see the magic, indulge in Self-Love, express in your authentic Power and claim…Own…Be your true Self inherent in your Soulful God nature. Those words, my daily mantra.

We are extraordinary beings reaching a critical point in human evolution.

Awakening of The Dove Energies

Breathless in this months electric/resurrection intensity and at times in shock and awe at the lengths the Universe and our Soul is going to use everything and anyone to purge, expand, build and engage each one of us with Higher and Higher Light Frequencies, building our nervous systems to withstand more Light while magnetically pulling us toward consistent Self-Realization and the expansive Love that we are…I was informed this particular ‘purge and surge’ is also in preparation for what the Pleiadians are calling the Awakening of The Dove energy, slated to activate on April 27.

The Awakening of the Dove energies are those of a returning peaceful, unconditioned state of Love for Gaia and ourselves. Gaia has longed for our Pure Love and peace upon her…rather than many of our often strong desires to leave her when we reached points of great struggle here.

A state of union of this nature is capable of shifting the balance of the planet and further prepares the prepared to journey to 5D New Earth together through the Diamond Heart of One.

I sense it will be an intense day still in spite of its symbology as many of the incoming energies are structured in ways to move us from one reality to another, swiftly. Often we think we Love and think Peace however this month of energy is dispelling more and more of what we think about Love into what we feel and then become.

It is important throughout this time (now through mid-May,) to register our mental/emotional risings along with feeling into every frequency available in the moment…pausing…breathing and harmonizing then with The Highest Frequency and anchor it into the Stargate of our Hearts.

Moving Through Stargates

Moving forward we are required to be frequency specific with each physical and etheric doorway, portal and stargate we are presented with in order to go through it and experience our next level of potential.

Last week, I shared with a friend that we are to remember that at every entrance into a higher dimensional portal/stargate there are gatekeepers at the gate to insure that the frequency of anyone entering is in sacred frequential alignment to those inside of the gate.

The same holds true for New Earth/5D. There are energetic guards at the gate (in greater truth We are the guards,) insuring the frequency of each human body is stabilized unified and at peace in all of its fields mental, etheric, emotional, physical, before entering or there would be chaos as we each know well and continues to be on 3D Earth. By Law and Love this will Never play out on Earth, again.

The Taurus/Pleiadian Stargate

We have a Taurus New Moon right next to a powerful Pleiadian Stargate on 5-5-19 which will help shift us into the next phase of our Ascension with a burst of creative, invigorating energy and a new sense of power, influence and purpose furthering our readiness for the coming solar initiations, the creation of New Earth, aligning with our new incoming destinies and breaking open the energetic seal within the fourth strand of our DNA which has interrupted, actually cut many off from their Soul Identity.

As the Pleiadians spoke to me, we come to expand you and assist the vitality of Love to move through your bodies filling the Earth and Cosmos with you vital vibration.

This will be a great day for a loving journey into the beautiful stargate with members of our Star Family the Pleiadians long involved in our Ascension. Change-makers to Change-Makers we meet…they spoke to me.

Time for another Quantum Leap.

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Know you are loved,
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