Into The New

“We come to expand you and to assist the vitality of Love to move through your bodies filling the Earth and Cosmos with your vital vibration.
The Pleiadians

Journey into the Stunning Stargate.

Receive Family of Light Love and Guidance
Cellular, Heart & DNA Activations

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Date: Sunday May 5, 2019
Time: 11:00AM PDT/12:00 MTN/1:00 CST/2:00 EST.
Price: $22.00

Replay Available Following Event

On this day, WE create a sacred chalice of One Love and journey up the lush pathway and into the wonderous Stargate of the Pleiades.

We will be welcomed into a powerful collaboration of Consciousness and Love with the Pleiadians… members of our Family of Light.

The Pleiadian energy is synonymous with change.

  • On this day they meet us as Change-Makers to Change-Makers to help uplevel our Consciousness and activate our Divine Internal Crystalline operating system to meet the vibration required to Create New Earth… a beautiful, gentle, sacred New Earth and a new way of Living Love.
  • Your sacred heart will be activated to come into greater alignment with the frequency of Divine LOVE, your multi-dimensionality and further alignment with All Aspects of your Higher Self to help achieve your Full Potential.
  • Dormant DNA will be activated.
  • What has been sealed will be opened and you will notice a greater sense of power and influence over your life and connection to your Soul Identity.

This is a powerful Stargate opening offering each the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward.