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The Next Phase

June 1, 2017

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well.

May gave us a bit of an energetic reprieve and opportunity to prepare for the upcoming month(s). The energies were in alignment with what I wrote at the beginning of it…May will be an opportunistic month to reassess, restore and strengthen ourselves, after many energetically and emotionally hard striking months, before the next highly active heart-centered passage into a more stabilized state of being picks up at months end. (See Archives for full article.)

It was a month to use our inner eyes and sacred heart to bear witness and bring deeper awareness and resonance to how we’ve been shaped, shifted and carved to begin to fit our potential, now.

As well it gave us opportunity to settle down and balance out from the heightened states of unwinding from our former selves… now fading further and further into the belonging to another time.

In retrospect it’s difficult not to be inspired by our own journey once we’ve begun lighting up our embodied Intelligence and made the connection to how we each agreed to be used (shaped, shifted and carved,) to best harvest the bounty from seeds of Love planted by a Masters consciousness some 2,000 years ago, and begin a mass spiritual revolution and reclamation of Truth…

The Experience

Only days before your reading this and my writing it, I along with an intimate group of others across the globe, participated in an 8-day immersion with Mary Magdalene.

Those that gathered were drawn to come together with one of the most essential ascended feminine Christed beings ever to have walked this earth, with the intent being to restore, integrate, ignite and ground the Divine Feminine blueprint within ourselves and in turn, into the earth.

Day by day we experienced Magdalene’s Holy potency, mastery and Love far beyond what I have experienced on this earth or many council tables above it.

Her energy flowed peacefully through our cells lighting up and bringing to our felt consciousness the core qualities, the blueprint, of the Divine Feminine… passion, compassion, power, peace, wisdom, fortitude, fearlessness, forgiveness, trust, grace, Oneness, Creation and Self-Love.

These qualities when activated began to weaken and dismember loops of distortion, suppression and disempowerment lodged and living far beneath the surface of our consciousness, for lifetimes.

One by one the qualities of Truth began to usurp that which was not its equal. Through days of difficult die-off, soon recognizable chords of pure vibrational resonance with my unhindered core essence brought tears of relief.

As each quality surged and flowed through us all I witnessed it surge and flow into the earth. It was at once quiet and compelling.

By the 4th night the reasons for which we assembled seemed to amplify its original intent. It was through our own purified and reconciled heart we were anchoring a template for the reconciliation of both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine simultaneously… with the Divine Feminine force of nature Mary Magdalene accelerating, through us, what the multi-dimensional Divine Masculine force of nature, Jesus (Jeshua) Christ, her equal partner initiated, some 2,000 years ago.

It was a life to Life altering experience.

My heart and compassion opened wider to myself, and my true work here on this planet day upon day, coming to know this: We can open our hearts to others and be compassionate with others 24 hours a day and 7 days a week however, Mastery (not wisdom) can never be attained (nor enjoyed,) by opening our hearts outwardly first. It must come through the passageways and channels that take self to Self and then on to all others.

A Divine Feminine/Masculine Master becomes so by coming to know and then to love and embrace them Selves with an all-consuming passion for Love itself, if they are to walk on earth as a sovereign and free being, and be in true service to all others.

With that shared, I continue as I was writing about the month of June before being ‘nudged’ to insert the experience, knowing it to be tantamount to the next phase of our evolution.

The Month of June

And so it as that as the month of June opens it does so with a great deal of Cosmic/Ascended loving intervention, stronger templates of Creation here on earth and a very high density of Light.

The Light… significantly amplified… is so to increase our ability to accurately reflect our Divine nature unto our human awareness, and fertilize our Being on this earth beyond confusion.

Steadfastness, focus and consistency will serve each one of us as the month unfolds and the bold raucousness of the external world amplifies.

In tandem, we exit fully from the age of possibilities in this sixth month, one in which quantum evolutionary leaps become easily accessible to those who tirelessly have worked to embody the Light of the Divine God(dess) and who continually mentor their highest potential.

As mentioned last month, the vibrational patterning for humanity to move consciousness into manifestation… with no external interference…is in a phenomenal state now.

Enter now the next phase of evolution… a higher more astutely aware and active phase in which the Soul consciousness (the creative agent on behalf of the Divine,) begins its descent into our physical bodies and the emergence of the unified, individualized mind and radiant heart becomes the hallmark of human evolution. (More about the Soul in the coming months.)

Highlighting this next phase, we enter the age of probabilities providing endless and untold opportunity for pure potential to become real.

Up to this point we have become accustomed to the general truth that anything is possible. Sometimes believed though more often hoped for, anything is possible, is a state of mind rather than an alignment of heart, (think about it.) Possibility rarely feels likely.

Now enters probability, which by definition means something may happen, however, there is a belief, it is more likely.

When Jesus spoke, and greater works than these will they do, he gave testimony to the power of the human potential, our potential…now.

He, Mary Magdalene and countless other great Masters walk with us now while occupying their varying dimensions, assisting us in birthing a new paradigm of all things probable, not the least of which is our sovereignty and peace, at long last.

In Conclusion

Entering this next phase of evolution, it is we the modern day activist, en route to restoring our Mastery, now in charge and capable of activating the Divine Blueprint without hindrance…first in our hearts, and in turn on this earth for the liberation of all beings now and going forward.

In our time there won’t be one who rises amongst many. There shall be many with many who rise and initiate a new template of Human Life rooted in Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace.

Who you are and why you came to this earth defies and transcends the humanism you have been tasked with.

Use the Light of this month to reconcile your heart…to focus on your ripening potential filled with probability, and to clear out what litters your likelihood.

Recognize the sacred in your Self and sustain your sacredness through inner consistency and Love. Put into motion the core qualities of the Divine Feminine for indeed they are your core qualities…man or woman.

Do this all as an act of radical service and great Love for your freedom and the freedom of human kind.

Private Sessions

The focus of each session will be the restoration of the core qualities of Love, Truth, Power and Wisdom in you.

All sessions are fully guided by intuition and Universal Love and informed by your true Life. These are NOT psychic readings.

Each is geared toward assisting you in gaining clarity, true perceptive and peace in your life, as you make your way through this next phase of evolution.

All sessions are interactive prompting the true strength and Spirit that moves in you to come front and center through you, for a rich and empowering experience.

Click here for further information.

May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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