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Lions Gate: The Journey, Activation & Sacred Ceremony

July 29, 2021

The Lions Gate


A Journey Into The Sirian Stargate Temple and Through The Sacred

Lions Gate

Activations and Ceremony of Unparalleled Importance

Beloved Hearts,

We are here together in the portal leading to one of the most, if not the most significant Lions Gate of our time. One can feel the significance… the power…the sacredness…the insistence…the fine particles of magic in the air entering our bodies. The waves and rays of Freedom, New Life and Higher Love are streaming from Sirius, the brightest star in the skies enabling many to shift out of the lower timelines, overlays and the human condition.

Above the chaos and distortion a new dawn is beckoning us to be done with what has long held us captive and begin a never before multi-dimensional Sacred Life on Earth.

Beloveds this is not a promise of what is to become, it is a potent reality before us here and now awaiting us to make the greatest quantum leap that has ever been possible for humanity. We have waited, worked, prepared and hung by threads to one hell of a reality knowing deep down in the center of our Essence we were here on Earth at this time for the greatest shift and purpose ever imagined…ever conceived. And WE are the birthers…each and every one of us.

We are the Peoples of New Earth. It was written eons ago in the Keys of Enoch, “that the peoples of New Earth are meant to bring forth a cycle of peace and inhabit many dimensions simultaneously as the Planet is reset within the Heavens of this Universe.” And, as one of my family from Sirius has said, “you are powerful beings placed at the altar of a new spiral of evolution. Placed in your heart are Diamond Light Codes to transcend and transform what has been into what will be. Accept that as Truth. We bless you in your Sovereignty and welcome you into our hearts and through our Lions Gate, as you are prepared.”

Preparing is what so many of us have been doing for eons of time and more ardently in this past year and a half. We would do well to continue through these next days leading up to ‘the Gate.’ Stop at nothing to continue to Be in Presence, adjust your Consciousness, delete any and all remaining programs and beliefs, projections, polarities and dualities. Drop your identities. Continue to seek unity within yourself and integrate that which is given daily… anchoring Higher Frequencies coming at us from the Sun, the Earth and the Stars. Allow compassion and Love honor and respect to flow toward yourselves and one another. Breathe New Life~

As I was writing this Yeshua said, “and walk in full faith.”

We are preparing to align the body of Earth, ourselves, the spectacular Star System Sirius with the Highest Christed Light as the Diamond Heart Center of Gods Pure Love bathes us in New Life as we walk through the Lions Gate, together.

And as we do, Soul Destiny Paths will Be Activated and Calibrated via the DNA shifting or advancing the direction of every human prepared to ascend up the spiral of evolution.

This Year the Master Sirian Council and Sacred Sirian Royal Lions shall be joined by Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, the Elohim, the High Angelic Realm and the Lions of Lyra. They shall lead via Unity, Love, Wisdom, Sacred Rays, Waves and Codes into the Highest Spiral of our Evolution, Eternal Inheritance, Freedom and Multi-dimensional Unification thus far.

I look forward to sharing this most momentous experience with you.

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Eternal Love, Gratitude and Deep Respect.

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