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Switching Realities

August 29, 2017

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Dearest Hearts,

I pray you are well and continuing to feel the magical and mystical internal effects of the most defining, undeniable and memorable experiences in our personal and collective human history.

The past few weeks have brought unprecedented and yet to be realized change to all our lives.

Heart to heart and Consciousness to consciousness we felt ourselves being ignited and united in the most Loving manner as pure undiluted Divinity touched us, held us, and accelerated us in ways we have longed for though barely imagined.

Deep within our hearts we could feel the evidence that we weren’t alone, forgotten, nor relegated to dreaming about our freedom any longer.

Star systems and galaxies took their turn impulsing us with conversion energies needed to establish ourselves in a New Reality. Ultimately the direct undiluted energies of the Heart and Mind of our Mother/Father God reached down through a portal known as Totality, opened our hearts, stilled our minds and lifted us up and out of all binding timelines, wiped our human templates clean, and switched on tampered with and dormant DNA carrying our true life story, undistorted memories and boundless potential in it. For many of us there was a visceral sense that the cords to the 3D matrix were severed.

Not a fleeting moment…we felt Love and Peace in ways we must never forget. We merged with the Divine and each other in ways that strengthened us, and felt our Selves in ways we are to remember.

Were we not living this moment now, it might be inconceivable that this type of mystical conversion would be possible.

Personally, there wasn’t a day from the time prior to and through the Lions Gate opening, through the Pre-Solar Eclipse Preparation and Activation I presented to 700+ people gathered together from around the world with pure intention and Love (and massive support from the Divine Feminine Mother aspect of God,) through the eclipse … where I haven’t been brought to tears and deep gratitude for the feeling of Love, connection and freedom inside my being that doesn’t go away… and the fact that I am beginning to feel my Self again, as I Am, unhindered on Earth for the first time, ever.

So Much was Given to us All that now must be Realized in the Heart and Body of each One.

Throughout the end of this year of new beginnings our deliberate focus has to be on personal alignment with and integration of the acceleration codes of Embodied Enlightenment transferred into our bodies… and grounding, embracing and stabilizing the Realization of our True Selves, without doubt or self concept bleeding through… setting the stage then for year 2 in 2018…the development stage of Your New Reality as an effectual part in the Grand New Reality of the All.

The first must be established before the second accomplished. The Divine has redirected your consciousness and heart. Trusting that as so, discovering how so and stabilizing each will prove to be your greater work.

Integration/Self-Realization vs. Self Concept.

These are topics unto themselves (that will be covered in greater part during the gathering below,) however a few awarenesses to work with now.

Integration means to make whole. The Accelerated Codes of Embodied Enlightenment we have been given were done so to help make one unified Divine Whole of the many pieces of ourselves we have been living with, choosing through and defined ourselves haphazardly by. Slowly those disparate parts began separating and even dis-integrating the Holiness of our True Selves.

Integration is the sacred work of weaving awareness that comes to you or over you (and it will for many very rapidly now,)… directly from your Higher Self, and your I AM Presence into the fabric of your Creation and cells of your being.

Integration cannot occur by understanding. The body itself must resonate with what has been given and take it in like a sacred breath.

*self-concept has been humanities greatest undermining and biggest interference to being able to embrace ones true nature, and realize ones true Self.

self-concepts are conceived in the mind and based on assessments and attachments to thoughts formed about experiences. Created on the linear plane of consciousness (3D) and bred by expired realities… self-concept is both dual and conflictual in its nature.

self-concept delivers you to fate.

Self-Realization…on the other hand… is undivided, internally peaceful Masterful consciousness awakened, inspired and informed from the vertical plane of consciousness providing evidence of Truth to ones intuitive knowing.

It is congruent joyful awareness.

Self-Realization is essential to waking up, walking the Earth as a Master and fulfilling ones true potential.

Self-Realization leads to your destiny.

As you prepare your Self to switch realities the Divine flow of new resurrected Life force, encodements, alignments and realizations must remain unimpeded, active, honored and used daily.

Using your Love, attention and consciousness be certain this sacred flow of Life does not get blocked anywhere in your bodies, mixed up with your past, or tangled up in dis-belief.

Switching Realities

Reality switching won’t magically occur due to what we experienced through the eclipse season or resulting from switched on DNA after living for hundreds of thousands of years calibrated to Earths 3D frequency…stricken with containment… mired in a deceptive counterfeit personal and global reality, corded to unconscious agreements, accustomed to our own erroneous perceptions and limitations, building ourselves using self concepts rather than Self Realization and chained down love whereby we guarded our heart rather than granting its freedom.

It is ours to learn how to use our new operating systems and their magical qualities to produce, from our Realized Self and Divinely Inspired Hearts, the manifestation of something glorious… our New Lives shaped and governed by Love.

*Note: There is so much to speak to regarding establishing ourselves in our New Lives and to invoke the Original Plan for our Life on earth…brilliantly, joyfully, succinctly, and unwavering. In the weeks and months ahead I will talk, teach and write a great deal about Reality Switching from the inside out though in small effective bites.

For now, focus on the first part…integration of that which has been given and Self-Realization. And, be gentle with yourself. This isn’t only a ride of Bliss…there is A LOT of getting used to. One piece at a time Beloveds.

Know You Are Loved

Integration of Acceleration Codes

Live Gathering

September, 13, 14, 19

Replays Available Immediately Following

Integration of New Acceleration Codes

The past three weeks have brought unprecedented and yet to be realized change to your life.

An enlightenment phase of The Heart has been initiated and the gates to Your Destiny opened.

Accelerated, undiluted ascension codes of Eternal Divine Life have been transferred into your body of life, directly from the Star System Sirius and God/Eternal Creator Source.

Your operating system as a human being has been irrevocably altered.

Now the magic comes from learning how to operate it clearly, effectively, powerfully.

Join me Live or Later as we begin to decipher and ground that which has been given and begin grounding your New Reality.

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Private Sessions

For more information please click here.

May you be blessed every single moment of every single New Day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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