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So(u)lstice Gathering: Activations/Calibrations/Meditation

December 14, 2021


So(u)lstice Gathering

A Phenomenal Dispensation of Source Emancipation Light

Codes & Soul Light Codes

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Beloved Hearts,

This has been quite the experience of walking through the Ascension Corridor. Every step, a re-arrangement of particles, atoms, neurons, cells, emotions and purpose. Layers of human nature being peeled back by strikes of Light aimed at dissolving concepts and perceptions. Strikes of Light have and shall continue serving us to realize we are so much vaster than who and what we believed ourselves to be. And, with every strike of Light the imposters of the mind, ego and personality are being exposed.

Our grit and tenacity have been called forth over and again in these many months to go deeper, to continue purging what was and have faith that in the clamor of distortion and distraction WE have, WE hold and WE carry the Light of God, the Light of our Higher Self, our Soul and I AM Presence. We are not the distortion of our concepts and perceptions.

These months (and years,) have blessed us, as difficult as it has been. Our Soul has taken us through a maze of discovery. It had to in order to see for ourselves what is Real and what has attempted to be real.

The greater the intensity and contrast to our well-being, the greater the Souls goal for growth and illumination .

On So(u)lstice we go further and we go vaster, due to phenomenal dispensations of Source and Soul Light Codes and more. As a result, the Soul picks up greater momentum within each one of us as we prepare and are prepared to turn toward the New Year of 2022, led by our Souls.

A Cycle concludes and a New Cycle begins. Past shifts to future. Awakened Beings begin in earnest to decipher their uniqueness as a Soul, in a Body of Love.

Streaming Liberation Codes, Soul Codes and more, Mother/Father God, Yeshua and Mary, Archangels and Angels, Galactics, Star Systems, Masters, Gods and Goddesses shall stand with us as One Unified Love covering this Earth from one corner to the other, holding space, lifting our hearts and honoring our Souls as they come into New Life.

The Divine Mother has said, as the Human Cycle of life concludes, the Blood of Christ and the Breath of God shall quicken in the veins and the Heart of all humanity and LOVE shall BE the Greatest Force on Earth.


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I look forward to BEing with you.
With Love, Respect and many Blessings,


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