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Soul Connection

May 26, 2020

Soul Connection

(the offering)


Beloved Hearts,

As we go through this great undoing to convert what was to what was always intended we discover the alchemy to make this great transformation lies within us via the magical and provocative Higher Self and Soul.

For the past few weeks I have soared and been shaken to my core, equally. I have seen and experienced my Glorious Sovereign Being and found myself blindsided and confused by one particular deep shadow with its many parts.

My Higher Self decided it was time it was presented to me via an unsuspecting catalyst to realize its origin and pattern… embrace without judgment and zero point (neutralize) it. Simultaneously I felt the distinct urge from my Soul to make clear the path so It was able to come deeply in-body creating a new origin point for my entire existence. I dug in.

Daytime and dreamtime my guidance throughout was to listen over and again to a 4-part class I taught, Soul Connection. It is one of the richest I have taught throughout the years.

I then was clearly prompted to bring it forth to the many on the verge of embodiment though not quite understanding the massive role the Soul in-body establishes…how it arrives there… how it changes the very nature of the way we ‘see’ life, as well as its deep connection and direct workings with each ones Higher Self and I AM Presence. (A Holy Trinity.)

Our Second Life this time on Earth depends upon coming into alignment and frequency rapport in body not only with our Higher Self and I Am Presence, though with our Soul that brings forth each ones specific Soul Creation Codes…the Source codes that authentically depicts You, illuminates You and carries forth Your Destiny Plan for this lifetime

Soul Connection is a 4-Part … 4-Hour Experiential, Activating, Liberating Journey

According to the astrology of Venus in retrograde (and three other planets,) reportedly taking us into some deep shadowy waters, as well the trajectory of 3 more powerful restructuring, convergence Eclipse Gateways including So(u)lstice June 20, it is vital we see clearly what is required from us now, for as my Higher Self has said, “there is no later.”

Every moment, every thought, trigger and conversation affords us the opportunity to make necessary adjustments to evolve, embody and embrace our Human Divinity, Higher Self and Soul…the Luminaries, the most Enlightened Sources of our nature that with which not… we will feel a distinct part of our Self missing and literally hear the distinctive Soul cries (as I promise you I did,) desiring to be with you, to serve you and be a Conscious part of your Life forevermore.

It is for LOVE that we shall go to whatever depths and lengths are necessary to reconnect and hold our Soul and its Life Force close to our Hearts so it can do its job as the Illumined Maker and Carrier of Our Life.

Healing does not come through intense affirmation of divinity, or by simply pouring out love and the expression of a vague mysticism. It comes through mastering an exact science of contact and impression, plus an understanding of the subtle apparatus of the etheric vehicle.
The Soul.
—Alice Bailey

Soul Connection when I taught it was $148.00.
For you it is $33.00.

Click Here if you feel guided.

Infinite Love To You,
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