Welcome Divine Beloved Beings and Family of Light,

2016 is confirmed to be a powerful year both of conclusions and permanent change as we move through each sacred day that promises to orientate us to the undeniable awakening and expression of Infinite Love and Infinite Intelligence in us, through us and as us.

It will also be an epic catalytic year as outer events serve as powerful internal transformers for those poised to part with duality and illusion, completely.

2016 will deeply affect the personal trajectory of each one of our lives, the God of our individual beings and our planetary commitment…particularly the God of our individual beings.

It will be a fortuitous year for the prepared.

For over three decades I have been a shape-shifter of consciousness for tens of thousands of people as a Catalyst for Evolution in the Human Soul through both the spoken word and the written word.

I have done so, in part, through the medium of worldwide radio as host and President of “The New World Puja Network,” heard in more than 130 countries, as a four-time award-winning author and global teacher of New World consciousness and personal intuitive empowerment guide.

The greatest changes to occur in your life going forward will manifest during this year 2016 and issue forth through your perception, awakened heart and expressed consciousness.

It matters that I use my gifts to help in this synthesis.

I have been called, “a thousand pounds of spiritual dynamite” in the book Living an Uncommon Life by John St. Augustine. In it I was blessed to share company with Christopher Reeve, Oprah Winfrey, and John Denver.

Jen Weigel of WGN Radio, Chicago says, “Maureen, feel proud that you do something out of the ordinary.”

In this pivotal year of 2016 it is my intention to continue to serve as both a catalyst and trusted source to help you adapt, integrate, and assimilate the components of your grand re-awakening as together we reweave our Dynamic Reality both inside and out.

Know you are loved,

Maureen Moss

The New Human

The New Human