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May 12, 2016

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well as the unstoppable train of evolution travels full speed ahead, major planets continue their assertive path (in often unorthodox ways,) pushing and pulling us into another emphatic renovation phase, mayhem and miracles collide… and Divine Consciousness takes over more often than not.

Like many, I experience this catalytic phase as the most perception altering, consciousness raising, revelatory, and revolutionary to date.

Tumultuous as it is, how could it be otherwise knowing we are in the throes of moving into the most profound stage of human embodiment, (expression of life) we have ever undertaken in any incarnation?

There are days when I literally just sit and observe my awareness… as the profundity of being in the midst of what I (and many) have long written and taught about engulfs me as reality. Rarely have I experienced life in no uncertain terms, nor experienced such incredible wonder at the role each one of us in plays in this profound transfiguration.

We are all versions of each other fed by the same Source.
—Norman Lear

During this time of transfiguration many are also using this portal of energy to leave physical embodiment.

Recently experiencing the not quite so ordinary departure of one close to me, I was blessed with the opportunity before, during and since to come to know first hand, that through all change… even in our highest moments of consciousness… we have no idea of the unrealized and unknown revelations waiting to present themselves and alter our lives, when given an unhindered path.

My unending guidance throughout this experience was to never leave alignment with the revelations.

As a result of rather blindly heeding the guidance there were hours wherein my sense of self was completely abated and the grip of mind, belief, thought and personality vanished… at least long enough to know what it felt like, and that it was possible.

In its stead, pure awareness was ignited about the vastness of our Life, the potential for our Love, and the gifts that arrive when we completely let go… regardless of the direction we are headed.

I was asked, to leave the experience(s) and all their revelations out of my mind and apart from its state of awe, though take them into my heart, stabilize each and bring them out into physicalized awareness.

Use them, I was told, to harness your true identity, align with who you are, hold dear who you are and serve Life on earth more abundantly. Be the Life you came to earth to be.

That was a lot to ingest.

The other particulars of the journey are best left for another time though vital to moving to the next octave of human experience I’d like to share this…

Of Our Creation

Right now… we stand at a crucial threshold (while simultaneously in the center) of the most profound, universally productive, demanding and progressive passages into a completely unique realm of existence ever… as a human.

This existence does not already exist. It is created by our consciousness that has inserted itself into proper identification, that is in turn governed by Love.

As unique to some as this may seem to be or has been written to be…it is not. We’ve experienced this in different forms before. It’s the journey that is unfamiliar, which in turn makes it hard earned and demanding.

Both the consciousness and identity already lives, breathes and has its core Being in the core of ours. We have lived intimately and blindly with both at various times. Were it not so, we would be unable to re-call or re-awaken to them.

Now, through one revelation at a time, each is to be re-called and embodied…in the name of God that we are… restoring ourselves to our proper identity and aligned with our true Selves.

Being Brought To The Edge

There is no getting away from the fact that we are being brought… by Love and revelation… to the edge of all that we have believed made us who we are and how we are in order that we are able to release what remains of self-destructive beliefs, anger, resentment, expectations, and thoughts that sabotage the perfection of our Being.

A piece at a time we are noticing that we are being freed from the breach of sanity of mass consciousness…first one by one…and soon together As One.

To keep the momentum going, give yourself the blessing of taking all thoughts of a lower vibrational nature (and we know those that are,) to the edge of all perceived knowing and rapport and replace them with nothing in order that revelationDivine disclosure… can be had.

Divine disclosure is not a miracle that only comes to some. It awaits the arrival of an open mind and a surrendered ego.

When you align yourself with what is being revealed… through your consciousness… and hold it reverently over a sustained period of time, the Light of Source, longing to reveal itself as your true identity with Divine nature, purpose and destiny in tact… will at long last have the unhindered path to do so.

We are being led Home by revelation and set free by the acceptance of it.


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In Conversation With John Burgos on Beyond The Ordinary

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I’m excited to have an on air free flowing conversation with John Burgos about…well just about anything…that has to do with what’s going on ‘beyond the ordinary’ in all of our lives.

Truly a conversation, not an interview it will be fun to see where we are led. And, it will be great to take your questions.

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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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