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May 4, 2017

Assess, Reset and Strengthen (Part 2)
Mary Magdalene: Restoring The Divine Feminine Blueprint
The Interview, The Woman, The Immersion

Special Interview hosted by Maureen Moss
Date: Today, Thursday May 4, 2017
Time: 11:00AM Pacific / 12:00PM Mountain / 1:00PM Central / 2:00PM Eastern
Replay available at 5:00PM

Dearest Hearts,

It has been quite awhile since I have invited you to join me for an on air conversation that I am hosting live today.

Here is why I have chosen to do so. Earlier this month I wrote about taking these next few week to Assess, Reset and Strengthen before the pace quickens again at the end of this month as we are cast into a highly active heart-centered passage into a more stabilized liberated state of being and creativity in June and going forward.

As mentioned last week, we cannot keep going at breakneck speed to reach the next level of our Mastery. We must tend to ourselves deeply in between. A great deal of evolution rests on our shoulders.

We have reached another pivotal time in our personal and planetary ascension, a time of probability, a time far greater than the potential of possibility. A time when evolutionary beings that walked this Earth and seeded this Earth for such a time as this are reaching out from Higher dimensions to assist us in embodying our Pure Potentiality.

In November 2016 I (like many of us,) was exhausted by the almost never-ending push toward the then next major level of our awakening before a new life cycle and age dawned upon us.

Knowing I had to gather my Self before the tides of 2016 turned, I committed to spending the month of December in deep contemplation, stillness and renewal before the start of 2017.

During that time, my dear friend Pippa Merivale, who many of you may know as a former host on The World Puja Network, and/or as a decades long spiritual catalyst, author, or as a participant in her unique global teleseminars/immersions in tandem with Archangel Metatron, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, invited me to be her guest for an 8-day Teleseminar/Immersion, The Christ Activations. Feeling the energy coursing throughout my body, I accepted.

8 days later I knew a switch in me had gotten flipped. Something new though something ancient had been turned on. My mind, body and Spirit were different. Reset, expanded and restored, I was almost raw with the newness and peace I experienced for months.

A few weeks ago Pippa invited me into another 8-day online immersion at the end of May though this time with Mary Magdalene. I knew another renewal and calibration was in order.

Shortly thereafter I invited Pippa to have an on-air conversation with me to discuss Mary Magdalene’s presence on earth at this time. And, to talk about Mary Magdalene’s commitment to restore and ignite the Essence of the Divine Feminine Christ Blueprint in us at a time of urgent and wide-spread need…as well as assisting us to reset and calibrate to the amplification of our true powers.

When Jesus spoke that even greater works will be accomplished than these… in our time… he spoke together with Mary Magdalene then, who would come forth now offering unconditional support for us as we boldly step upon our own heroic paths.

She comes to help us release the trauma of living our lives in reverse truth for eons of time and to activate and unleash our Divine power, wisdom and all-powerful Love so we are made more able to go forth now and create a New World.

Mary Magdalene embodies Passion, Compassion, Wisdom and the Power of Divine Grace. In an age when women had no voice at all, she worked in partnership with Jesus to awaken humanity and remind us who we are. It was to Mary Magdalene that Jesus imparted his deepest teachings; it was Mary Magdalene who was there at each pivotal moment of his life, and Mary Magdalene who later set out to carry forward the work, keeping the true meaning and purpose of their shared mission alive.

Man or woman, we are being urged to awaken to the limitless potential of the Divine Feminine force that lives in the heart center and deep memory of us all and Mary Magdalene provides us with the powerful guidance and energy to reach it.

The Interview: Join Pippa and me in this exhilarating conversation at the times listed above or enjoy the replay at

The Immersion: To find out more about this evolutionary 8-day online Mary Magdalene immersion later this month visit

May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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