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11-11 Journey & Ceremony

October 31, 2019


Journey & Ceremony

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Beloved Hearts,

Clearly the journey we have been on since the Lions Gate has been and shall continue to be the swiftest of any in our human history. In November and December we will experience, at varying levels, a quantum reset… a Change Over into a New Reality.

Those who have prepared their body and mind into a zero point field and merged state of Oneness will be fully activating their new Crystalline, Galactic, Angelic Light Body… activating their New Blueprints, new paths of service in alignment with New Earth frequencies and stepping completely out of their 3D bodies, missions, and all contracts that were binding as to the continuation of the karmic recycling story… forevermore.

In all cases, commensurate with ones path (we are all in different stages of our second life,) there will be a significant upleveling/reset/ revitalization predominately thru an insertion into our DNA of new Christed Codes, Freedom Codes, Soul Star Codes and God Life Force upon aligning with the Golden Frequency Field of the 11:11 Gateway and into the 12:12 Gateway and 12-21 Soulstice.

*The Golden Frequency Ray brings human consciousness into I AM awareness. It is the highest frequency of Gods Light and Christed energy upon this Earth plane.

Through the accelerated Gateways and Soulstice with minds and hearts wide open all have the opportunity to be endowed and enlivened with heightened awareness and heightened abilities to fully abolish the remnants of the old separation/duality/fear programming and recreate from zero point a completely New Reality.

The 11:11 Gateway

Beginning with the energies and activations of the 11:11 Gateway there will be a build up to the Great Reality Change-Over occurring sometime between the 11:11 Gateway and So(u)lstice on 12-21. All of the Gateways are completion Gateways. Alignment with them is essential to the unfolding of the next level of your Life.

There are various dates that have been given at this point for the change-over though suffice it to say…it is happening. Each will feel it at varying levels depending on their path, ability to stabilize their frequency fields to calmly hold the impulses of Light… their alignment with their True Selves and ability to anchor Love deeply into their heart.

What I know for sure is that the Pleaidians, Sirians, Lyrans, Arcturians, the Elohim and Angelic Realm have made it clear they are over-lighting, balancing and supporting this change-over fully. Also there will be many Masters and Mother/Father God joining us throughout each Gateway and the days in between.

This is a momentous time and celebration throughout the Universe and beyond as humanity rises. For as we go…so to goes the collective…and so to goes the Cosmos.

Also we are being asked that from this day and going forward throughout these events we are to give ourselves replenishment as needed, take great leaps in faith, make choices wisely and heartfully, hold singularity in mind and heart and hold ourselves in calm willingness so as to be solid anchor points in our bodies not only for ourselves though for Gaia to make this change-over.

And so it is on the 11:11 we are gathering worldwide. It is the many of us gathered as One holding a singular frequency field that amplifies all that is given as together we birth a New World.

We shall journey together to and through the 11:11 Gateway and join then in ceremony with the Elohim along with Many Others.

One Love, One Will, One Humanity.

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Infinite Love and Blessings,
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