11:11 Merging the physical with the non-physical




Journey & Ceremony

Date: Monday, November 11, 2019
Time: 11:00AM PST/12:00 MTN/1:00 CST/2:00 EST.
Price: $22.00

Replay Available Following Event

This 11:11 Masterful Gateway of Acceleration enhanced by the Golden Ray is the most powerful of any we have experienced thus far creating an acceleration and bond with the Non-Physical Realm and setting into motion our Soul Energy and a Dynamic New Spiral of Life and Identity via an unprecedented swell of Cosmic Love, Light, Freedom Codes, Angelic Codes and Christed Golden Rays.

The more shall occur during a Ceremony with the Elohim, Divine Mother and Many Others.

The Elohim, the builders of form and creative arrangers of Life carrying the highest vibration of Light shall be with us to usher us through and assist in calibrating the powerful Light and Codes transfiguring your physical bodies template, your Light Bodies, mind and sense of identity.

Joining them will be the Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm along with many Masters, Star Nations and the Galactic Center in this powerful transmission, activation and journey into the 11:11 Gateway and Ceremony.

On This Day: many Homecomings will be had into the Heart of the One as LOVE fills our bodies, takes over our minds, expands our Heart and Unites our Souls.

Closer and closer we come to One Love, One Will, One Humanity.

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