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The New Human Rising & The ‘22’ Equinox Gateway

September 12, 2019

Beloved Hearts,

Wow, what a month we have had since the dynamic Sirius Lion’s Gate. From this dynamic gateway we were activated and initiated into the next level of our personal transcendence and cultivation of our Oneness with our God Self. The incoming back-up waves in the weeks following thrust us deeper into birthing ourselves anew and thankfully gave us moments of exquisite Bliss and certainly greater coherence.

Exponentially the frequency on this Planet is rising and we are rising with it as we form new loving relationships with ourselves and uncover a deeper love for Earth. Many are discovering She and We belong with each other.

Also, there are whirling mysteries of our Second Life being shaped now by the Inheritance of Divine Light stabilizing within us and Creative Life inducing energies streaming continuously from the Great Central Sun assisting us in fashioning … through our Consciousness, Love and Heart… the New Earth/New Human Template…or The New World and the Peoplehood of God as many in the Higher Realms are calling it.

As well, the Elohim are working with us directly emitting Angelic/Creator waves and frequencies to help shape our intelligence and thought-forms according to the One Will of God so we may come to a new origin point for our entire existence to the evolutionary, magical and sacred.

Beloveds there is more Light on this Planet than ever before and so much more is coming.

We are riding the wave of a New Arc of Light

…and that Arc is a geometry of Light wherein our Souls… revolving in endless circles of God Consciousness… shall reveal to us Life within life and what comes next for each of us to further establish a new dimension of creativity and settle our luminous bodies of Light, sovereignty and spiritual freedom on Earths New Holy Land.

A couple of weeks ago, (Sept. 3,) I shared on a Facebook post (in part,) that since the Lions Gate amazing gathering this chalice of mine has been emptied. Uncomfortable and rather disconnected for weeks I came to the clear awareness that my mission I had come to earth for had been completed in this stage of humanities evolution. (Long have I had the awareness I had come to serve humanity and earth during the most profound Shift of any age.)

My Higher Self made it clear I was to do nothing at this time apart from being in nature and continue to empty and forgive anything and everything that came up from the past causing disruption or potential distortion on my part. I later learned this was to fully release my former life and attachments enabling me (or any prepared,) to hold the Christed Life Force energy and come into union with the Christed New Earth body.

At times, when I was ‘stepped aside,’ I watched old stories de-materialize and patterns leave my body like crumbled musical notes unable to harmonize. Other times I touched a raw piece of trauma I thought had gone, though needed love to leave.

Soon enough I felt most of myself becoming quite content while a small piece of my mind wanted to find concern…”but what about…etc. etc.” Indeed there are points of reconciliation to be passed through though can be done quite quickly now.

With personal missions complete we are free to go about the business of Mastering the embodiment of transcendence which means becoming Pillars of Purity, Light, Love and Compassion as God expressed, able to interact effortlessly with all of ourselves and experience many dimensions or other realities simultaneously.

Finally we can consciously be part of all that we have been a part of forever…as well as prepare ourselves to be active Creators and Stewards of a New Earth.

For now, in the absence of clarity many may be feeling… new frequencies are rapidly situating themselves on earth and in our bodies for some amazing Heart centered pure creations to come alive…minus the 3D, 4D preconceived notions, agendas and perceptions that would topple them soon enough.

Also, though some may find themselves doing similar things they shall come from a completely different frequency. The difference will be felt in the way we find ourselves creating rather than crafting, being helpful rather than being on a mission, sharing rather than teaching. LOVING rather than loving.

Pay attention to Frequency. It is the telltale for everything coming and going.

Also, some may notice things they have begun in earnest over these past couple of years quickly loose their luster if they haven’t already. And many will discover things simply cycling out of their bodies and new things dropping in quite unexpectedly and being done in completely new ways.

New Earth, New Human Rising

Beloveds in addition to everything I have shared there is a magical sacredness going on right now in this transference into a Christed God Human/New Earth that feels like nothing I have ever felt before.

Blessed, I have been able to experience days in the frequency and holiness of New Earth before I fell out of sustained consciousness via an errant thought or a trigger that sent me deeper into discovery and self forgiveness creating a force multiplier for Love.

The New Earth is LOVE.  It is Christed. It is of One Will. It is of One Heart. 

Never in this lifetime have I felt this much LOVE in the air, literally. It feels as though you can breathe it in…taste it…bathe in it. It heals the weariness of our often combative human life.

There are moments I literally sit with tears in my eyes (what’s new right?…) because I know New Earth is real. And I know holding a sustained frequency of High Present Consciousness, Love, Joy and Humility creates it.

It is from here, that to my surprise I was guided to create our next gathering on Sept. 22, 2019: The Equinox Gateway (throughout the world it occurs either on Sept. 22, 23 or 24.) My clear guidance was for us to gather on the 22nd.


The entire time I began to create the space for this journey the energy of JOY surrounded me. I am aware that whatever I share going forward will only come from the frequency of New Earth and not be mission orientated.   

We shall utilize this Powerful, Coherent, Inter-dimensional Gateway to joyfully create a fusion and synthesis with many aspects of Yourself.

This Equinox will be overlighted by the Elohim …We shall be on a glorious journey into the vastness of ourselves and the Cosmos to align and calibrate our frequency field(s) with our transitioning timeline, new body template and the frequency of the New Earth while in the Equinox Gateway. 

Prepare to tune into the Power, Joy and Magic of your Divinity and the unfolding of your Second Life.

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Infinite Love and Blessings,
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