Equinox Gateway 9-22-19 Registration



Equinox Gateway


Humanity Rising

Expanded origin points for your entire existence to the evolutionary, magical and sacred are unfolding.

We shall utilize this Powerful, Coherent, Inter-dimensional Gateway to joyfully create a fusion and synthesis with All of Yourself.

Date: Sunday, September 22, 2019
Time: 11:00AM PDT/12:00 MTN/1:00 CST/2:00 EST.
Price: $22.00

Replay Available Following Event

We are going on a Journey of Expansion and Joy.

On this day…We shall be on a glorious journey into the vastness of ourselves and the Cosmos to align our frequency field(s) in the energy of the Equinox Gateway with Masters and Light Beings and whomever chooses to join us… share their wisdom… and, assist us to tune into the Power, Joy and Magic of our Divinity and the unfolding of our Second Lives.

We will pick up New Diamond Light Codes from the Diamond Heart Center to expand your frequency and further activate and calibrate the Union of your physical embodiment as Brilliant Pillars of Light.

We shall soar through the Cosmos and in through the Equinox Gateway to feel our freedom, our expansiveness and further seek out the wisdom of our greatly expanding and evolving Universe.

P.S. In creating the above the energy of JOY was radiating all around me. We’re going to have some FUN.

The closer to your Destiny…the closer to Pure Joy.

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