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July 25, 2019



Magical Journey Into The Sirian Stargate and Beyond

Activations of Unparalleled Importance Leading into 2020

An Activation of The Great Pyramid of Giza

Beloved Hearts,

One year ago during the Lions Gate, we were escorted into a New Planetary Cycle making a pronounced shift from a linear timeline to a vertical Spiral of Evolution.

For consciousness to move from one reality to another and stabilize, a compatible frame of mind and heart, body and soul…coherence… must come into place in body. Thus, we have spent the better part of this year in and amongst the most advanced galactic, cosmic, deep space frequencies, surges, waves, codes, sacred geometry, spiraling radiations of Universal Light and streams of New Creation Codes igniting humanity’s next cycle of enlightenment, soul embodiment and full body transfiguration.

Day by day, we have been woven deeper and deeper into the new ebb and flow of Higher Holy Life penetrating every neuron, tissue, particle DNA and cell…clearing what was and inserting what is leading us deeper into the marriage of the Soulful New Human and the Creator, as One… entering a new life cycle of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom that will activate at the peak of the Sirian Lions Gate on 8-8-19.

This Year the Sirian Masters and Sirian Royal Lions shall lead us into the 2020 Transition of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom.

This is by far the most Powerful Lions Gate to date. Archangel Metatron has spoken of the very powerful ascension wave that will enter the planetary consciousness in tandem with the Lion’s Gate.

As many know, my love for the Sirians runs deep. It is from a deep heart connection with them along with a knowing via experience that the Sirians, having the most direct path to Earth and the most influence on humanity’s ascension, hold earth and humanity close to their Hearts.

Throughout the history of human evolution, particularly in the early period of the ancient civilization of Egypt, the Sirian Masters carrying their Star Wisdom descended to Earth to teach humanity the alchemical process and science of Ascension, the Principal of Oneness and of the Infinity Consciousness of Creator God.

They, the many Sirians and Royal Lions, also built the Great Pyramid of Giza to be an active Director and Receiver of Advanced Light Codes for humanity, Earth and many worlds until the fall of consciousness in Atlantis and Egypt severed all connection.

Never Again

You are the Ones who are destined to succeed, they have said, with more capacity for Wholeness, Unity, Stability and building a larger physical realm then ever was possible on Earth. We are with you actively and devotionally now every step of the way to further assist in upgrading your Consciousness and activate your full Infinite Heart…the building material for New Earth.

During the Lions Gate we will be in rapport, council and activity with the Sirian Masters and magical Sirian Royal Lions (amongst other Masters,) as they actively assist us in moving into a new dynamic Dimension of Light…a new Octave of Soul Embodied Life and help us merge and synthesize with the Ascension Wave taking those prepared into the 2020 Transition of Eternal Inheritance and Freedom as we establish The Peoplehood of God throughout the many worlds of Intelligence.

On this day of direct infinite alignment with the brightest star in the sky Sirius, we will travel into the Stargate and be initiated into the next unprecedented enlightenment phase for Humanity’s Ascension.

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