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Lions Gate: Closing Down an Era Of Human Life

August 3, 2021

The Lions Gate


Closing Down an Era Of Human Life

A Journey, Activations and Sacred Ceremony Into The Sirian

Stargate and Through The Sacred Lions Gate

Dearest Hearts,

I like many have consciously worked, waited and returned to Earth many a time to Be in a time such as this. I knew where I came from long before this lifetime… Sirius… and why I came. To serve Humanity.

Through many lives, like most, I forgot. Then came this lifetime wherein, like many I came to remember (through dark times and Light,) to know “Who I Am, How I Am and How I Serve,” to coin a phrase of Paul Selig.

Consciously, in this life, I have been weaving my Earth life stream with Sirius for this time. A time when we would be able to close the book on every chapter and verse that made up our lives. This is it. This is when we are able to do it…when Cosmic Source Energy streaming through the Star Planet of Sirius and the Feminine/Masculine Christed Consciousness would merge with our Solar Sun and like a great thunder storm blazing Light would purify and activate every cell, atom, neuron, particle, bone, tissue and DNA held within our flesh suits activating our pool of remembrance, our Higher Self, our Soul, our Light Body and our I AM Presence… enabling US to Ascend into a New Octave of Life.

It was long ago known that the Sirian Lions Gate in 2021 would quicken our amplified passageway into Liberation and Freedom for it is Sirius, the Higher aspect of Earth most directly aligned to Earth and most associated with humanities Liberation and Freedom. It is within my knowing, experience and deep Heart connection that the Sirians have long held Earth and Humanity close to their Hearts and Soul. Having been here and attempted to do what we are now doing, they have never been far and always our allies.

SIRIUS, the spectacular Star System… brilliant God/Dog Star is the home of Christ Consciousness… home of the Royal Lions of Sirius and home of the Sirian dolphins and whales. It is where the Blue-Light of Divine Creation has been anchored and is One with the Great Central Sun serving as the Headquarters/ Diamond Heart Center of Mother/Father God. As well, it is a major Gateway Portal through which sacred Rays and specific Codes are transmitted to earth and humanity each year on the 8-8…though none so much as this year.

The Golden Light Rays of The Christ Consciousness and Sirian Blue Rays of Divine Love, Divine Will, Light and Illumination shall powerfully surround our Planet and be transmitted directly into Gaia and into humanities consciousness and DNA activating transcendent Key Codes for Ascension, Soul Embodiment and for the Creation and Sustainability of a New Human and New Earth Reality.

Many of US lived for a time such as this and now WE rise. And, like many great Masters that came before us including Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Osirus, Buddha and more we shall be initiated by the advanced Wisdom, Key Codes and Lion Codes of Leadership. In turn we shall initiate a New Earth and steward this Sacred Star Planet with Love and Unity.

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I look forward to Being with you at this momentous time.

Eternal Love,

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