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Integrated Merger

November 3, 2015

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

Forgive my absence during what we all know now to have been one, if not the most energetically pivotal times in our modern history.

As many thankfully sent out important information and updates throughout the month of September and October I felt prompted not to write publicly (while personally I wrote daily,) though to turn inward to acknowledge, integrate and assimilate the all but subtle waves upon waves of energies infiltrating every nook and cranny of my bodies recalibrating and re-calling the true nature of my being.

Like most…some of me was leaving and some was staying, that was clear. A great deal of sorting was to be done even as to what was mine and what was not.

Ancestors showed up with generations of wounds and patterns that I had fallen prey to in this lifetime. As the worlds were now parting and a new life cycle birthing, now, those too had to be unwound and left behind if I were to experience an integrated merger and cross over from one world into the next.


Interestingly, I noted… was that at points throughout this span of time, particularly now, it feels as though the current waves of energy manage to do something quite unique… besides the obvious.

The waves of energy (still in motion) bear the potency to usurp the left brain logic that draws upon thought, limitation and coding from the past and subtly moves us into heart centered intuitive illumined awareness while our integrated merger takes place.

This allows unimpeded awareness to help us adapt and harmonize more easily, actually more organically with the emergence of our new and true selves.

This unimpeded awareness is vitally important to connect with in order that we don’t regress into fear or lack of faith and nervously look around for who we were, even wishing to be who we were, or have moments of who we were, simply for a ‘sense’ of comfort and stability.


It was emphasized to me that as humanity bears witness and experience to the conclusion of their lives thus far and awakens to a new cycle of life… that no part of the experience is to be internalized before it is integrated, for if it were, pieces and parts would lie in a state of disconnect and be of no value or worth to the unified expression of God through our physicalized forms in the New World.

Integration is not a thinking process. It is pure undiluted awareness, not thought, stemming from the intuitive body about the energetics, experiences and occurrences and their impact, movement or influence upon the whole of us.

I was clearly informed that if any aspect of this cross over, this moving from one life cycle to another without changing form, be it challenging, confusing, enlightening or magical were to be perceived, received, rejected or recounted in an intellectual manner, a piece of this epic resurrection of humanities collective nature and rebirth would be lost… deeply affecting the personal trajectory of our lives, the God of our individual beings and our planetary commitment.


With that clarity it has become ingrained in me that we must first recognize, integrate and assimilate the numerous components of the shifts, experiences and changes that occurred (and will continue to occur) energetically, psychically, intuitively, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically into one unified system within, to effectively sustain the one unified system being formed without.

It was recently said by Thich Nhat Hanh, that the next great Avatar of the new world will be collective consciousness.

Take that in for a moment!

For me…that is a profound statement taking both the concept and desire for Oneness into a much higher dimension and frequency for deeper consideration and personal commitment.


We Are the pure, raw, undiluted power of Infinite Intelligence awakening once again. We each are in the awakening stream. No One is there, as there is not.

We Are the “bringers of a new dawn” as well as the ones that will animate it, though first we must integrate, assimilate and adapt to the components of the dawn itself. And then…. Behold the new dawn as it is brought to Life through each of us.

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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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