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Holy Fire Light Conception

February 17, 2022

Holy Fire Light Conception


A Journey To Remember

I Am The Resurrection and the Life

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Beloved Hearts,

This month of 2’s filled with initiations, alignments and Holy Fire is maturing our Inner Divinity evermore quickly as we conceive and reveal more of ourselves to Ourselves through each passing day. As we come into the closing of the 2-22-22 Gateway there shall be no shortage of continuing coherent blazing Light within and above leading us deeper into becoming the visible Resurrection and the Life of the Triumphant Divine Human as a Collective, though each on their own Soul Journey.

I remember decades ago, while on a particular deep and long dark night of the Soul the book, “The Nine Faces of Christ” was gifted to me. A rather daunting book to read, I flipped to a page and read this: I AM the radiant Soul of the Supreme God and have come from the physical body of the Triumphant HUman. (It read Triumphant Man, though that was then and this is Now.) It continued: I came into being from unformed matter. I have dressed myself in the hard shell of substance, and I contain the Light of every God that was, is or shall ever BE. My body has served the feeding ground of My Soul. Thus I give birth unto myself out of my physical Self.” Yeshua said to me in the moment of writing this, “and thus you, (meaning US) become the Resurrection of the Life the True Life you were born to Live.

Through the Infinite Invisible within you making itself more prominent day by day, soon the awakened and awakening shall remember and behold this Truth of themselves, I Am the Resurrection and the Life.

From countless deaths we have been through in this lifetime alone and God’s Holy Fire of Light streaming through the Great Central Sun many have been propelled to ‘conceive’ themselves anew.

Through the telepathically spoken and then written words of Anna, Yeshua’s Grandmother; “every cell of your body and every atom of matter receiving these high frequencies of Light is like a sacred spiritual insemination. And, it is each that receives these frequencies of Light in Consciousness and Heart that are giving birth to their Holy Self and the Holy New Earth. It is important, she continued, to harmonize the often-times chaotic birthing pains, with Love, be you man or woman as you are giving birth to the Presence of the Christ in your Self and assisting all life to remember the power of Miracles and Love.”

2-22-22 Gateway

This is a paradoxical time on Earth of disconnection and collapse, connection to the creative womb of the zero point field and conception. This 2-22-22 Gateway energetically is one of alchemy and harmony. And so it is on this day of 2-22-22 we shall use it as such. We shall be supported, held and led by Love to clear a greater internal path to remember and more fully conceive I Am the Resurrection and the Life. As we journey, we shall connect to the creative womb of the zero point field. Frequencies will rise, Consciousness expand and your Heart shall open further. The time is now to Know in certainty Who You Are, in order to Be Who You Are and abide in Peace.

I truly hope you will join us on 2-22-22. I know in certainty we shall be energetically surrounded by the Light of God, Yeshua and Anna. It shall Be a blessing.


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In Deep Love, Gratitude and Great Respect,


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