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Holy Fire Light Conception


A Journey To Remember

I Am The Resurrection and the Life

Date: Tuesday, 2-22-2022
Time: 11:00AM PT/12:00PM MTN/1:00PM CT/2:00PM ET.




We are All being held in the balance of yesterdays fading memories and tomorrow’s realized dreams. It is through God’s Holy Fire now and continuously and by the descension of our Soul into physicality we are gaining our Freedom by losing our merely human sense of Self. We are becoming far less dense and far more Mystical.

Through the Infinite Invisible within you making itself more prominent, soon the awakened and awakening shall remember and behold this Truth of themselves, I Am the Resurrection and the Life. When that BEcomes, there shall be no need for further unveiling of one’s self.

Humanities Resurrection from countless deaths and God’s Holy Fire of Light are causing many to ‘conceive’ themselves anew. This is called Light Conception.

Anna, Yeshua’s Grandmother has said that, “every cell of your body and every atom of matter receiving these high frequencies of Light is like a sacred spiritual insemination. And, it is each that receives these frequencies of Light in Consciousness and Heart that are giving birth to their Holy Self and the Holy New Earth. It is important, she continued, to harmonize the often-times chaotic birthing pains, be you man or woman as you are giving birth to the Presence of the Christ in your Self and assisting all life to remember the power of Miracles and Love. When Yeshua said these things and more shall you do. It is now for each to realize all things are possible Now.

And so it is on this day of 2-22-22 we will be supported, held and led by Love to remember I Am the Resurrection and the Life. As we journey, frequencies will rise, Consciousness expand and your Heart shall open further. The time is now to Know in certainty Who You Are in order to Be Who You Are and as a result, abide in Peace.



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