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Equinox 2020

September 17, 2020



Balance, Integration, Activation and Unification of

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Beloved Hearts,

I began receiving information for this Equinox on the Full Moon on September 2, 2020… a Full Moon so powerful its energies continued into the weeks ahead and on to this upcoming Equinox. It felt to me like one big Gateway that was not only powerful though strengthening and ever more clarifying in a very positive way.

I didn’t anticipate what our Gathering would include other than to know I felt an excitement and potency as information streamed from not only my Higher Self though by some surprise informants in the Cosmos as well.

The whole of this year of triggers, chaos, activation windows, timeline changes, the leaving our yesterdays outside of the Lions Gate and our ardently searching for the keys, codes and windows for shift & release of the remains of our former lives, brings us now face to face with four months of Greater Change still.

First and foremost we begin with this Equinox of Balance, Integration and Unification of what you have gathered thus far, so each may plant seeds for the future of yourSelf by raising your frequencies, empowering your Christ Consciousness, stepping fully into Prosperity Consciousness and utilizing your Heart Presence in and thru all things.

And, we shall do so directly in alignment with the Balance of Energies this Equinox affords us… as well as working directly with the Diamond Heart Center in the Great Central Sun and I Am told with the Golden Solar Lions carrying the frequencies of the Divine Cosmic Mother and the Divine Cosmic Father. We shall also work with the Solar Angels.

I Look So Forward To Gathering With You On This Powerful Day!

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Infinite Love and Gratitude to All,
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