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Soulstice 12-21 & Gathering

December 17, 2019


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Beloved Hearts,

12-12-19 began our next 7-year cycle. It came in with a blast of Light and Life Force directly from the ‘throne’ of God, through the Great Central Sun, streaming then into our Heart centers courtesy of the Elohim. Were that not enough St. Germain blanketed our Planet and each of us with the Violet Flame of Freedom.

In the ensuing 9 days leading up to Solstice, we remain in an open corridor of active new birth and further activations preparing us as we prepare ourselves for the next level of our embodiment…Higher Self merged fully in physicality and with Soul… leading our lives.

Soulstice closes the 9 day portal of new birth.

On this day we shall gather to receive an Activation of our Soul Codes… Ignite our Higher Selves… Amplify the frequency of our physical bodies to more gracefully enter the next level of our embodiment…as well as to receive Key Codes to support the balance of our new Crystalline Diamond Template and becoming accustomed to a new way of feeling, being, seeing and sensing.

We shall also experience another clearing and another pass of the Ascension Flame of Freedom from St. Germain.

SO much new will begin opening within us as our Higher Self/Soul Self takes the lead throughout this next cycle of embodiment and we actually begin an Ascended life experience as an Inter-Galactic-Inner Angelic Species of Intelligence, LOVE, Power, Compassion, Wisdom and of Strength Sustained.

This has been an enormous undertaking that On This Day of Soulstice will be celebrated.

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Know You Are So Loved,
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