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Two Gateways & A Sustainable Phenomena

December 3, 2019

A Sustainable Phenomena



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Beloved Hearts,

After millennia we have come to the final approach of the completion of a linear, repressed, traumatic, Soul dismissive cycle of life to the beginning of a new adventurous cycle of Conscious Creative Soul Life.

The most significant Gateways to prepare us occurred in this year, particularly the 8-8 Lions Gate and the 11:11 Gateway, each of which began cohesively setting up a new field of Christ Consciousness and a new field of Love, and through codes and resets, assisted us to heal the traumas of the ascended life we have been immersed in. Now we come to the final two Master Gateways.

12-12-19 and 12-21-19

My heart, my body, mind, Soul, Higher Self, I Am have been lit with the visceral feelings and fascination not for what has been talked about, in regard to these Gateways, though what I know is true …

It is the end of the torn apart, controlled, pressurized, limited split lives we have lived and the beginning of We The Unified Creators and  New Earth Councils of Light responsible for the Divine Plan changing not only our lives though All lives on Earth… and Earth herself while simultaneously upleveling the whole of Cosmic Consciousness.

This is an Ascension by which none in any Realm could perceive…for never has an Ascension occurred in this way.

We, the Divine Human have been clearing and expanding the fabric of our being to fit in All of Who We Are while helping ourselves become accustomed to a new physicality, to the merge of Shadow and Light, a new Consciousness, a new manner of creating, collaborating, trusting and above all else a new manner of Loving, of Freedom and of Peace that passeth all understanding.

Most are ready for this provocative step forward.

And so it is I humbly, gratefully, powerfully and lovingly call forth these last two gatherings of this cycle.

Prepare for Fast Forward into the 2020 Galactic Timeline!

According to the Pleaidians: In the week prior to the 12-12 Gateway and on the day of… a delivery of another quantum leap is delivered into the core of Gaia and to us from the Throne Of God… into our Central Sun making its way then inside the temple of our New Beingness via the Elohim and through a matrix of additional crystalline, Diamond and Freedom Codes and ‘direct firings’ of new unified, wholified aspects of our Evolution.

And This from Lord Matreiya: There will be a final template clearing, additional resets, Freedom Codes and The Life Force of God sent through The Ascension Flame composed of the record and energy of every Ascension that has taken place on Earth and from every ascending lifestream upon this Planet impulsed into each one on that day.

9 Days later on 12-21…upon integration of what was given during the 12-12 Gateway we shall journey into the Higher Realms of Heavens Gate, replete with Ceremony and Initiations with the High Masters.

On this day: if prepared many will complete their former cycle of evolution and initiate a completely new cycle of Soul Life.

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I look so forward to spending the last and the first of our lives, together Infinite Love,
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