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Blessings On Soulstice

December 17, 2020

Blessings On Solstice

–Maureen Moss

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Beloved Hearts,

I send this note for a few reasons. One to wish each and every one of you Infinite Blessings as we conclude this powerful month of December with the Alignment of the Galactic Center with the Great Central Sun, the coming together of Saturn and Jupiter as one Bright Star heralding the return of Christ Consciousness… and Solstice… offering each one of US a brilliant, radiant opportunity to BE filled with the Light Of God sparking our DNA to switch on and reveal the brilliance of our True Selves, as The Divine New HUman.

Indeed in this moment and all moments following we are in final preparations to enter this golden time as WE brush up against the future of ourselves.

Yeshua has said to me….“What awakened humanity has accomplished side by side with the unawakened aspects of themselves serving as their shadow and catalyst… jettisoned those dedicated to the return to Love, to discover the Physicalized Way of Mastery. Glorious Beings, he said, Glorious Souls.”

Adding to that I wish to thank each that have joined together with me, the many in the Cosmic/Galactic/Angelic Realms and thousands of others from around the world on many sacred journeys and in meditations this year to further transform, embody, and activate your Sacred Divine Human Self… bringing all that was received into the Heart of Humanity and Gaia. I thank ALL that did the same in other gatherings.

May ALL merge with the incoming coherent, illuminating Intelligence and Love entering our bodies and minds with ease and Grace. And, may Love Prevail and our Unity become stronger as we complete this year of 2020 and open 2021.

I look forward to gathering with you sometime after the Solstice.

With Eternal Love, Gratitude, Respect and Blessings,

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