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The Bells of Divine Destiny

July 9, 2016

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well as together we continue to behold the unfolding of Creations promise to lead us down (or up) a path of evolution into a state of embodiment as our True Selves… operating in our full spiritual capacity and charting a new course and path of Life for an entire human race.

From the beginning this activity was a hopeful potential, a hit or miss proposition that would ultimately involve great upheaval, destructive climatic events, the perseverance, trust and True Heart of a humanity, and benevolent Galactic intervention.

The other day I thought, considering that in the beginning we actually were our True Selves… what a plan this was, to burst into creation human beings with forged identities, diminished capacities and deactivated DNA that would get trapped in a false matrix only to eventually be lit back up (as a result of our own tireless efforts,) and consciously participate in overturning an entire counterfeit reality while re-discovering the lost treasure of one’s True Self… as they once were… now.

Preposterous as all that is… many are succeeding with the help of Cosmic intervention and fortitude unparalleled in human history.

This, while in the throes of simultaneously witnessing and experiencing first hand, a paradigm… and all of its particulars… exploding and unwinding from a manufactured, convoluted, bought and paid for world that now delivers proof positive of the false, dangerously deceptive matrix in which we have been living and held in trance for eons and eons of time (by others and ourselves,)… until the bells of our Divine Destiny informed us it was time to call it done.

It Is Done

The veils of Maya are lifting (almost) everywhere in the horizontal world. Hidden truths and false disclosures now have Light being cast upon them…with more coming.

No longer a stretch to see, money has no true value, security cannot be offered by any other and governments, along with their officials, don’t have our backs let alone our best interests at heart.

No longer a stretch to be aware, news thrives on repetitive crisis and brain washing, climate has dangerously changed, Big Pharma is big at nothing but deception, and food in cans, bottles, boxes, and plastic wrapping more often poison rather than nourish us.

No longer out of consciousness it is ours to know our minds have proven to be pushers of deception and lovers of temptation.

The internal bleed of the false matrix has ruptured for our benefit, destructive as it appears and angry as many are. Much and many have been sacrificed to flush out the unstable dark influences that have clearly suppressed the natural ebb and flow of our lives… of Love… and the life of and on this Planet.

What’s Real and What’s Not

Deep in a planetary and personal transcendence and reconfiguration, we are called forth now, to make clear to ourselves our intentions as to where we place our consent to internal and external suggestion… to logic or heart…fear or love. And… to what authority.

Consent is an activation that profoundly alters the configuration of our energy fields and Light bodies. We must be mindful, aware and present… moment to moment… lest we lose sight of our True Selves, again.

We and the world are being purged and transfigured at different levels both consciously or unconsciously. Some will continue to recline into unconsciousness. For those not resisting the purge, know that the content that remains is refined into Higher light and greater consciousness, for our benefit. We must trust this process.

Our hearts, sensory perceptions and physical experiences are being opened, heightened and awakened to what’s real… and what’s not.

We are being freed Up and weaned off many toxic ‘realities,’ including the ones of our own making that have long threatened our sovereignty and siphoned our life force. This, to help us remember how to cultivate and personally facilitate our In-dependence, Inner knowing, and Intuition.

The more we actively and consciously align with and use our own embodied Intelligence, the stabilization process of Self-governance, Self-sustainability, Self-reliance and Self-Love stabilizes. In turn, this escalates our energetic coherence, our dynamic Divine strength and harmonizes us with our true Source field.

Making The Connection

Humanity has been mired in the cycle of misrepresentation, misperception, death and destruction for most of its existence as a result of being calibrated to the Earths 3rd dimensional frequencies.

Neither is calibrated to that frequency any longer, not since the end of 2012, when Earth and Humanity were re-calibrated into 5th dimensional frequency…the consciousness of Active Creative Love and Intelligence.

However, what was created personally and globally while calibrated to 3rd dimensional frequency in false representation of Truth or as an imposter of for good of the all, must play itself out and be exposed to elicit our deepest awareness and greatest desires to be sovereign and free.

Without doing so the cycles of our past would become the cycles of our future and an entire civilization would disintegrate.

Now, with the deepest love for ourselves and our future, we must consciously disconnect from one frequency and make a conscious connection with the other. Though we have been recalibrated, it is ours to make the connection… as is the nature of co-creation.

In Closing

The upheaval now visible no matter where one looks around the world or in their world is creating the perfect storm for that connection to be made.

Seize this opportunity to break the trance and cut ties with ALL that slows the evolution of the emergence of the Golden Age, of Love, and of your equanimity and sovereignty.

Focus through awareness on arriving at certainty that nothing is more precious, more life-giving, more valuable, more nourishing, more uplifting, more safe, more powerful, more important, more believable, more abundant nor more loving… than YOU coming into alignment with your True Self and living your true existence in an empowered state of consciousness.

We are (many) making long strides on behalf of our True Selves having a more grounded and loving sense of purpose.

Sooner, rather than later, the question why am I here will be a voice in your distant past.

Through chaos and grace we are being led to create a new experience of existence. Bless it all. Don’t worry or pass judgment on it. Be your greatest ally and contain yourself in One unified field of consciousness.

Follow your hearts authority and listen to the bells of your destiny.


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May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!



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