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Soulstice & Energy Update

June 12, 2019

When the soul is ignited and one learns to see through its eyes, a vision grows for creating a world born of the intrinsic oneness of the human spirit.
—Maureen Moss

Beloved Masters, Soul Beings, Tribe of One Heart,

Recently I spent almost two weeks at the ocean primarily going off-line with everything external in an attempt to catch up with myself…to bless and honor the parts of my former self now mostly gone, and consciously make space for new Creation codes to enter and honor my Soul Life (true Life,) coming into embodiment.

Amongst the many reasons I looked forward to this journey was to lay heart to heart and harmonize with Gaia’s new heartbeat and the newly arrived Christ Consciousness, where the sands meet the sea, Light rays spin together and dance on the water, Infinity is right before my eyes and magical conversations and multi-dimensional access are abundant.

When the Awakening of the Dove occurred on April 27 humanity was seeded with a new level of Christ Consciousness previously not here on earth. The integration process will continue over the next few months.  

Also, due to the magnitude of Golden Light that came in the magnetic core of our planet shifted as well, accelerating Gaia’s heartbeat/resonance to be at the exact same pulse as our resonant Universe for the first time ever. The basis of our expanding multi-dimensional existence has everything to do with our resonance and vibration to All Consciousness.

When something of this magnitude occurs, it alters the archetypal ‘Earth Soul’ and the souls of individuals born under those configurations due to its now shifting harmonies.

A Spellbinding Existence

A day doesn’t pass wherein there are new alignments to make and new ways to learn how to work seamlessly with the Earth, the Universe, new harmonics and our hearts and souls to activate specific sequences of our unique Creation/God codes for fulfilling our unique destinies.

Also, the spiral of our evolution, our entire existence to this point is about to break through into another level as June, July and August engulf us with one opportunity after another for expansion personified and what the Sirians call ‘switches’ in adopting the perspectives of Galactic and Universal Beings along with a deeper and stronger tendency to operate from within a frequency specific group consciousness as most evolved Star Masters/Systems do.

There is so much F-A-S-T rearrangement of Earth, our lives, our bodies, our Souls and our minds. And, other V-A-S-T arrangements with new meaning coming to the fore beginning on So(u)lstice nonstop and through the powerful Lions Gate on the 8-8, and continuing through the Equinox stargate.

In my journal I wrote, Humanity has far surpassed the Divine Plan that really was a potential.

On the same day I wrote that, Jeshua/Jesus said, that the Divine Plan lies within each One. Your Life is in your hands fully now and your plan in your Soul. With each turn of event you are being able to carry out your Soul plan inextricably linked to the One Will and One Heart of God. Everything in Creation is being used to help you do so.

Joining that conversation Mary Magdalene said, through all the rapid change that lies ahead the Soul plan of each remains in place. Use your inner strength to walk in Power and Love. They are as two wings of a great bird in flight always prepared to soar. Return over and again to the Source of the One Love that you are and remain in harmonic resonance with the Feminine Christ Force.

We begin with Soulstice

June 21, 2019

Replay Available Following Event

So(u)lstice represents a significant turning point and a unifying force for All Life. The Cosmic meaning is not merely worship of the sun and Earth, though a time in which to honor the Spiritual Essence of Life and bring to Life, the best of what lies within you.

The Best of You Lives Within Your Soul.

The ancients understood So(u)lstice to be an illuminated time for an inner spiritual journey that individuals often undertake and connect with the Cosmic journey of their Soul.

On This Day We Shall Ignite & Amplify that Journey.

Now and going thru the Lions Gate on the 8-8-19, the Embodiment Process amplifies.

Each will experience continuous directives from within and without to become frequency specific with their Soul and Hearts Intelligence in order to be allowed to go through each portal, gateway, and doorway as Illumined Creation Makers capable of creating New Realities and aligning with the intrinsic Oneness of the Human/Divine Spirit.

We come together on this day:

To strengthen your consciousness and Soul connection with Cosmic and Earth consciousness and Soul…

To bring you into frequency alignment with this heightened space of opportunity…

To establish the frequential union of the Cosmos, Earth and your Heart and Soul… the primordial gateway to your true inherent Original Nature binding you to your Holy Christed Self, your body of Earth and your Soul of the Stars.

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Know you are loved,
One Heart, One Humanity, One Love.
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