Soustice June 21, 2019 Registration




June 21, 2019

Activation/Frequency Alignment With The Cosmos and Your Soul

You are invited to activate, ignite and unify the spiritual essence behind your physical form.

When the soul is ignited and one learns to see through its eyes, a vision grows for creating a world born of the intrinsic oneness of the human spirit.
Maureen Moss

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Date: Friday June 21, 2019
Time: 11:00AM PDT/12:00 MTN/1:00 CST/2:00 EST.
Price: $22.00

Replay Available Following Event

So(u)lstice represents a significant turning point and a unifying force for All Life. The Cosmic meaning is not merely worship of the sun and Earth, though a time in which to honor the Spiritual Essence of Life and bring to Life, the best of what lies within you.

The Best of You Lives Within Your Soul.

The ancients understood So(u)lstice to be an illuminated time for an inner spiritual journey that individuals may undertake and connect with the Cosmic journey of their Soul.

On This Day We Shall Ignite & Amplify that Journey.

Now and going thru the Lions Gate on the 8-8-19, the Embodiment Process amplifies.

Each will experience continuous directives from within and without to become frequency specific with their Soul and Hearts Intelligence in order to be allowed to go through each portal, gateway, and doorway as Illumined Creation Makers capable of creating New Realities and aligning with the intrinsic Oneness of the Human/Divine Spirit.

We come together on this day:

To strengthen your consciousness and Soul connection with Cosmic and Earth consciousness and Soul…

To bring you into frequency alignment with this heightened space of opportunity…

To establish the frequential union of the Cosmos, Earth and your Heart and Soul… the primordial gateway to your true inherent Original Nature binding you to your Holy Christed Self, your body of Earth and your Soul of the Stars.