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11:11 Doorway: Journey Beyond The Beyond

October 25, 2018

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October 2018 Newsletter

11:11 A Journey through the Doorway to the ‘Beyond the Beyond’
Activations, Connection, Wisdom and Key Codes from
Archangels Metatron, Sandalphon, Gabriel & The Solar Angels of the Great Central Sun

We The Awakened are being called Home through the 11:11 Doorway to IGNITE our New Spiral of Evolution… AMPLIFY a New Octave of Our True Selves… UNITE with our Vast collective family and anchor on earth The Template of True Love.

This shall be the most activated and celebrated 11:11 Doorway we have entered since 1992.

The 11:11 Doorway opened in 1992 heralding the completion of the spiral of evolution humanity had traveled since Earth began. It signified a time when we would have an opportunity to move onto a new spiral of evolutionary consciousness, change the energy patterning of human existence, begin to eradicate duality and build a bridge into the vast Unknown.

Called into action, we the committed entered the most arduous, lengthy, painful, conflicting awakening to Remember…to Realize… Activate… Unify… Love and Liberate our True Selves to return Home to conscious embodied Oneness any humanity had ever known.

We the Star-Born wayshowers, pathcutters, starseeds, sensitives, warriors, gatekeepers and bodisatvas, riddled with the desire for Love, for peace, internal harmony and external unification used every moon, eclipse, portal, gateway, doorway, keycode and more to help us reach the magical place our hearts yearned for…A Greater Reality.

We came to Earth to Be the Light That We Are, to Be Creator Gods/ Goddesses surpassing the boundaries of Earth and limitations of the human template.

And, we came with pre-encoded cellular memory banks linked to the 11:11 Doorway dedicated to creating and stewarding Heaven on Earth As One Love merged with the Law of One and to move Higher Octaves of Light, Love, Unity and Creativity through our consciousness,  our bodies and Life to alchemically create The New Earth and Greater Reality.


We came to be our True Selves.


The 11:11 Doorway Ignites & Connects The Next Spiral of Our Evolution


For those that have chosen themselves to be complete with their former state of reality, who have listened to the ‘calls’ from within and beyond to integrate and stabilize moment by moment all that has been given from a ‘time-released’ Universe and who choose moment by moment to rise up to meet their own state of fulfillment have been putting themselves into position to ignite a New Reality and bond with Systems of Operations beyond the Doorway.

All you have chosen has been in preparation for this powerful Life ascending 11:11 Doorway… the bridge between two spirals… through which we will connect our New Spiral of Evolution to that of the Great Beyond bringing an end to physical reality as we have known it.


And, On This Day


…your DNA will be triggered to remember… Who you are and how to carry out your Original plan.

…you will begin a deep resonance with the next Higher Octave of Your Self and with Oneness.

…you will consciously merge and forms a bond with the Mighty I Am Presence of The Great Central Sun, your Solar Angels and Greater Reality.

You will remember…


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