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March 1, 2011

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well.

Now that we have put our feet into the first quarter of 2011 it appears as though one of two things is happening in personal lives, in a more ‘highlighted’ way, and each for good reason.

For some, you may notice that you are still hitting some old walls; that things you’ve been rattled about before, still rattle you; your mind continues to drive you down bumpy roads, or you continue to find yourself in a state of frenzy or fear about the future.

In direct opposition to that, you may be noticing that you and your I Am Presence (your dynamic expression of Life) are becoming One with each other. You might notice you are forming a trusting partnership with other aspects of yourself that hold an advanced frequency of awareness of your true Divine identity and potential. You are not afraid of the future, and you are consciously taking steps toward your preferred future and your preferred future is taking steps toward you.

Hopefully, as a result, you are noticing that you are becoming more peaceful, neutral, grateful and dare I say joyful about being on Planet Earth. No doubt you’ve noticed that life is moving you, instead of you moving it. The pushing that you once thought was necessary, has stopped. You are in the flow of Life.

For those still hitting walls, realize that nothing is wrong, you are just being nudged a bit harder to open your mind to the fact that there is more to your life than meets your mind or your eye, and more to your being, than what you can physically touch. You are tasked with inviting your greater Life into you. It begins by making contact with your Advanced Divine Intelligence.

Take twenty minutes, slow down, breathe, re-focus (inward) and be absolutely present mentally, emotionally, and energetically to the moment you are in. This is key.

Notice everything about the moment you are in, not what’s behind it, nor what might be in front of it. Notice that the moment you are in has no walls, has no fears. Really notice that. Only perception outside of the moment has walls and fears. Take a breath.

Walls appear each time you step out of the present moment, and use old consciousness laden with phantom fears, to gain clarity or attempt to advance yourself in a new way. It cannot be done. Your Advanced Divine Intelligence knows this and is attempting to ‘persuade’ you to make a connection with it to assist you.

It knows how to lift you up energetically and perceptually. It knows how to move you into a different direction, using the materials and circumstances you’ve got to work with. It knows how to break down walls and barriers of fear. Your lower mind does not.

Your unique Advanced Divine Intelligence, which resides beyond physicality though is connected to you in physicality, is impulsing you to stop pushing so hard to control Life in the 3D world or to know what’s next. It’s communicating with you every time you hit a wall.

Consider this:

The young man in Egypt who led the charge for liberation, Wael Ghonim, is a perfect example of working with Advanced Intelligence in spite of profound odds. With love and determination he worked with his advanced intelligence and turned a desperate situation into a stunning victory.

He fought for his dreams of liberation, he fought for his people’s liberation, and he fought for his country’s liberation. With intelligence, precision and love he led the charge and together, they took down an entire regime whose tactics were all based in fear.

The only thing he knew when he began his mission, is that he wasn’t going to lose his dreams. He saw his full potential, he knew the extent of his commitment, he reached for a higher intelligence and he took action, ingenious action that then changed the landscape of an entire country. He used his heart, his passion and Divine Advanced Intelligence.

He peacefully rose above everything he had been conditioned to, and everything that seemingly stood in his way. He gently nudged millions of others to do the same. He was calm and brilliant in his approach. He and the people of his country proved what was possible, using advanced intelligence, and a passion for what could be.

I can’t remember being so riveted by one man’s story, for it was all of our stories, being played out in such an obvious manner.

Now, you are in prime position to integrate your Advanced Divine Intelligence, a very real and accessible aspect of yourself that you may not physically see though is in your reality, in higher bandwidths of frequency and in its light-filled energetic formation. It awaits your conscious contact with it.

We can all trust that either an advanced intelligence which we have accepted, or a lower one which we have accepted, is guiding us in every moment. From one or the other, we create everything in our lives from walls to peace.

In other words, we are guiding ourselves in either an advanced manner, or an archaic one. Breathe that in for a moment. It’s a game changer.

Each one of us is a grounding point for the expression of the Advanced Intelligence of the Divine. We have a responsibility to let that Intelligence come through us without interference, and lead us to liberation as we complete a cycle that has hit the ceiling of its growth potential.

We must cooperate with our Intelligence, not push it away nor ignore it. Simultaneously, we would be wise to focus on our full potentials, (not how to get around the walls) even if we don’t know what our full potentials are in the moment. Pretend. Imagine. Act as if. Create and extend an invitation to your Advanced Divine Intelligence to come and get you and show you the way.

This year is one of respite, and conscious integration. It is about being, not doing. It is about meeting and merging with new aspects of yourself, and it is about taking down old walls, opening up the mansion and letting the Light in.

Later on, there will be more climbs to come, though not nearly as steep, for you will be prepared, as you touch even higher and more advanced fields of consciousness throughout next year.

For now, we are lovingly tasked to cooperate with Divinity to use a disciplined continuum of consciousness that will hold you in place so you can hear the more advanced aspects of yourself speak to you, merge with you, and quietly guide you into the future you. Take a breath. It’s quite awesome, actually.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss

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