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The Wizard of Oz & The Acceleration

March 25, 2014

Dearest Hearts,

What a profound, fast and furious month we have just moved through making our way through another round of ‘evolution.’

On some days I am reminded of Dorothy in the movie the “Wizard of Oz” when she and Toto were swept up in the whoosh of a tornado, taken from Kansas and delivered to a new world, the strange and beautiful Oz, with its yellow brick road.

It is here that Dorothy experiences magic and mayhem, new and un-usual friendships and ultimately discovers the power she always had within her, though had forgotten.

Upon completing her mission in Oz, it was time for Dorothy to go Home. She became frightened, for she had convinced herself that she didn’t know how to get there and would then be left behind.

At the perfect moment, along came Glinda the Good Witch reminding Dorothy that she held great powers within her that she must come to discover in order to return Home.

As most know, Dorothy took Glindas’ guidance to heart, trusted her journey, discovered her powers and landed home, safely.

I was given this image and reminder more than once in the past couple of weeks as the accelerated journey Home continues. It was a refreshing, light-hearted though poignant reminder from a timeless movie with a message about love, service, Oneness, chaos before order, trust and discovery, and going Home.

It was through this image I was reminded that all of the messages and guidance about moving through the times ahead and returning Home are there to be helpful, not dire, unless we align ourselves to the frequency of ‘dire.’

We each have the choice to align ourselves now with our true power, potential, love, and the magic that exists, as we journey Home.

Remember, you have always carried within you the power and the magic to get there.



Namaste Beloveds,



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