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March 14, 2013

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

During my current hiatus I have had the privilege of speaking with many new people I had yet to meet, and to have lengthy conversations with dear friends of mine I hadn’t seen for awhile.

All conversations seemed to lead to the same place, humanity, the depth of connection and unification we feel toward All, the swiftness of thought turning into manifestation, and the falling away of not only familiar patterns, though of what had once seemed so important to us.

Conversations also included our fascination with how ‘vertical magic,’ works rather than linear process, and how apparent it is that we are indeed the Creators, of this, our New World.

We also spoke about humanities personal concerns, or perhaps some of the fall-out to what has been a radical awakened rebirth, including many a challenge as to where to focus energies (particularly since the focus for most has changed dramatically,) and the fears of the future still seeming to undermine the glorious moments of peace, and the questions of how the world we live in refuses to indicate what shall be, forcibly keeping us in the present. (Not a bad plan, for having us switch to deep listening and radical trust.)

All conversations, led to my further contemplation. As such, I see one of the main challenges for humanity right now being that too many people believe they are missing something in their lives, that if had, would somehow complete them, complete their passage to joy and even enlightenment, and secondly that that many feel they are moving through life aimlessly, and without passion, (something new for many,) which branches off of something is missing.

Beloveds, appearances are not Truths. They are stories born of the mind, based on expansion of an experience, which were born in a third dimensional paradigm whose main form of trickery is to create internal separation. Once accomplished, we are pulled away from a merciful awareness of the sanctity of our lives and the ability to embrace the blessings bestowed upon us by Grace, not punishment.

Not one of us is missing anything unless we think we are, and once we think we are, we create it is as so, setting up a field of energy to actually make it verifiable, stifling the radiance and Truth of our magnificent God Selves.

We must not forget, that we are in re-creation mode. We are moving away from one paradigm, where we engaged ourselves in dreams and images of how we thought life ‘should’ be based on theories, clichés, and former generations ideas.

Now, we are easing our lives into a new paradigm, where as the Creators, we have an opportunity to give ourselves the ‘privilege of living a truly authentic life,” if we come to know ourselves now, courageously travel the paths less trodden and refrain from lamenting about what could have or should have been, leaving all notions and comparisons in a vault of archaic consciousness.

If we were deeply enfolded in each precise moment of our lives, is there any thing, or any thought that is immovable by you, or incapable of shape-shifting by nature, or having the hand of God, sweep across your life, and intervene? No!

Could a passionless person, suddenly swell with passion? A loveless existence be overcome by one action that would engulf it with love or a jobless person be offered a golden opportunity? Of course!

The question is, will you be ready? Will your energy and thoughts be harmonized to magnetize the seemingly ‘missing’ in your life? Would you be amenable to revolutionizing your attitude, contemplating gratitude in everything, and be willing to accept a radical transference of your life?

Would you really, if you knew it was by the grace you bestowed upon yourself in ordinary moments that it ‘shall be done?’

Beloveds, we haven’t grown into our new lives yet, though with patience, nurturing, gratitude and acceptance, along with a refusal to think in reverse truth we shall.

Ask yourself, what is missing in your life, and then consider how long you have believed that, and who are you comparing your life to, to confirm what is missing? And then notice how many times you have prefaced what is missing by claiming I Am missing (what?) And then, densified it in your field?


How worthy are you of your own re-incarnation on this Earth? Can you believe you have been given an opportunity to be your own Creator? Can you step into your role as a Divine New Human, the one you took on skin and bones for, and play it to the hilt?

Can you embrace your life, right now as it is, don’t touch a discordant thought with another one, stop instigating yourself and discard the thought that something is missing and everything, EVERYTHING is possible?

I’ve shared this with my students, and most likely with you;


WHAT IF all that this missing is about one thing and one thing only; your Freedom. It is. That’s the Truth. It’s about each one of us craving FREEDOM, and not being able to find it, feel it, or embrace it, because we have burdened ourselves with the story that something is always missing.

We have misconstrued that our lives are missing something, (or been informed they are.) And then, we’ve expanded that thought to a story, turned the story into a perceived reality, made it appear and feel real, pushed out the Light of Truth, pushed out the Divine that reveals only Truth, made a statement to the Universe, our DNA and cellular bodies that we are incomplete, always without, and then we continue to fabricate that whatever has been perceived to be missing is the key to our completion! WOW! We have tricked and densified ourselves haven’t we? And believe me Beloveds, no solar eclipse, or equinox is going to break that apart, though there is one of each in March.


Most remember the movie “Jerry McQuire” when he told his girlfriend, ‘you complete me?’ He thought something was missing, he found what he thought was missing and declared now that he found something he had made up in his mind was missing, he was complete! Wrong! What if she left? Would he be incomplete again?

WHAT IF, I mused aloud to no one in particular; everyone decided (because they can) to have a different thought? The thought being that nothing in their life is missing, except acceptance of their life. That’s it. There’s nothing to process here. Just feel into it. Much of humanity is struggling, sad or grieving because they simply refuse to accept their life, because they think something is missing. And we think others torture us? Bless our hearts!

WHAT IF, everything of Creation turned against itself, and banished everything brilliant, magnificent and wonderful about themselves, denouncing the magnificent Creation of their being, and everything and everyone, thus became insignificant, if only to themselves; the worst kind of insignificance, creating a gaping schism in ones entire Creation of Life!

WHAT IF, we stopped, right now and realized that the 3D mind made up a story, about something missing, to keep us separated from our FREEDOM?! And, to make matters worse, to stop us from embracing the life that we and the Divine, as One, created as the path for our own adventure into Oneness with ourselves, thus our freedom, and ultimately the premiere experience of Masters of Freedom. Consider that for a moment!


What if, everyone decided on this day, to adopt this:

“I am embracing my life as it is. Nothing is missing. I am deeply grateful for what is, and wide open to what shall be. There is a package, already in the Divine elevator, just waiting to be delivered to me the moment I dissolve the ‘something is missing piece,’ making space inside of me for more Light (Wisdom and Truth) to come through me, and more God to come through me, with a special delivery!

I Am calling forth all energies created in times gone b, and in present time, and command them to remain outside the boundaries of my new life on Earth. You shall not be entertained and longer.

I Am making my departure on this day from all erroneous beliefs that something is missing in order to stand inside my complete life, imperfect as it may seem right now; knowing the moment I deeply embrace it as so, grace will flood in.

And so it is!

“A Message From The Divine”

You live in a new time. Let the old you, the old perceptions of you, the old stories about you, leave.

You have each made your decisions to be on the steepest curve of evolution than any other species that previously walked before you. You chose on behalf of Love, both for your Soul’s evolution, your Planets evolution and to allow Me to make a full descent and have a full expression through each of you on your Planet of Earth that are willing to persevere and adjust through a short period of time ahead of you.

Many are in need of this ‘time’ to recommit to Life on Planet of Earth, to dispose of pre-conceived notions of life on Planet of Earth and to be willing to begin anew without interference from the world external, or choosing ownership of pain above your Freedom.

Eventually, if you will allow it, your inner and outer world will be seamless, having no distinction. You will notice nothing has ever been missing other than the love for yourself, the acceptance and embrace of your life, and your trust in Me.

I ask you now to learn to hold the vibration of Me inside of you, steadily, in the days and months ahead, as the final preparations to weave you, ever more deeply into the fabric of my golden creation are completed.

Come to me daily. I will help you hold Me and inflame Me within you. You will then cross the threshold between the old world and the new, gracefully. That is My Promise to you. You will no longer feel aimless, nor lost. That too is My Promise to you.

You have all of my tendencies and capabilities, Beloved Ones. Remember that. Let your old self go so I may enter and have a greater expression as the complete You. If this is to occur I must be in the midst of you, always. A moment of Oneness between us is but a taste of your fullness.

The next step in your evolution is to embrace your fullness, through stabilized vibrations of love, peace, harmony and Oneness. I AM a stabilized vibration of each. You need not go in search of what is not missing.

And so it shall be sooner or later, for each one of you, as your craving for Freedom takes you over, and you experience the power of your completeness.”


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