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Wear Your Garment Loosely

November 3, 2010

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well as the planetary energies pick up the push into the next generation of Who We Are.

This next year, through 2011, is going to kick whatever is left of the dross of our archaic human natures right out of us. Hang on to something solid……like the Truth. We are reincarnating right before our very eyes.

Remember when Jesus said, “Wear your garments loosely?” Well he wasn’t kidding. Every garment of our being that doesn’t fit us any longer is being pulled off of us quicker than the speed of Light, and most often in a most uncompromising and direct manner.

Our Higher Selves can be very tricky in the way in which those ‘garments’ are being pulled off of us, so pay close attention to everything that’s going on in your life. My friend Robert Rabbin has long said, “your life is your message.” Truer words were never spoken. Not one of us can afford to miss the daily updates!

Tip Of The Month: Whatsoever you are being strongly pulled from, free-fall. Let go. Whatever you are being pulled toward, go.

Keep in your heart that you are on a mission to the miraculous! Find comfort in what you can’t wrap your mind around any longer, as you stand naked in the Void, ready to be clothed in the Light of God.

What Once Was, No Longer Is: In the past, the ripping away of our comfort zones and facades seemed to be a deeply painful process. My noticing is that now, unless we’re resisting, it’s not that way anymore.

It’s only painful for a moment or two, (or an hour or two) due to the cellular memories and habitual lower minds thoughts about the crisis being created. There is no crisis. Liberation is being created.

Somewhere in the micro-moment between the pain and the awareness, as if by magic, a burst of Light appears and if we are open-eyed and open-minded, we get it! We really get it. Transformation. Evolution. Ascension.

This is the game of Masters. It’s all been a game you know, but now you can consciously choose your part as you move into your next life on Earth. Disciple or Master? Pawn, Queen or King? Victim or Victorious? Healing or Healed? Ashes or the Phoenix?

Recently, more than a few people have said to me that they feel like a walk-in. Truth is, what’s walking in is our Higher Self that knows exactly how to lead us to our destiny, that is already alive and awaiting our merging with it in the next life we are being incarnated into, right now!

We really are changing or in many cases instantly being changed. Can you imagine being happy? I mean really being sustainably happy? Well you can be. Resist nothing, control nothing, stay true to yourself, and learn to discern.

All things occurring to each of us is a blessing, beyond description. We are most obviously being escorted out of our former lives with all its trappings. Let the relationships, jobs, belief systems, habits, stories and karmic contracts dissipate without a struggle. Once those are cleared out we can very clearly pick and choose what we want in our next life (right now), and what we don’t.

We are choosing consciously this time. And, it’s not from up there somewhere, it’s from right where we stand. This time we can know what we are creating, with no veils falling down around us, and just proceed. We won’t have to try to remember anything, or settle, or compromise. Welcome to the world of your unlimited possibilities.

It’s then that the fun parts of your life can begin. Remember the things we called paranormal? The paranormal is fast becoming the norm. And remember when we talked about someday returning to telepathy as a form of communication? Well, guess what? 🙂

I’m not sure how many have turned water to wine yet or walked on water, but you know what, if you wear your garment loosely enough, you’ll feel like you have.

I wish you each more and more grace as the winds pick up this winter. Move slowly. Watch where you are going, as you step deeper and deeper into your new reality. Rest in the lap of God when you get tired, unbalanced or uncertain. Ask for guidance. Be grateful for all of the occurrences that happened in your day and at days end, only keep the deeper awareness that each one brings, not the story.

Be gentle with yourself. Embrace your new life, and choose well for it.

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