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The Truth About Your Transformation

February 21, 2013

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well.

I wish to express my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude for the abundance of letters filled with love and blessings that so many of you sent after receiving my letter that I was passing on the torch of The World Puja Network.

Many of the Emails expressed sadness that I wouldn’t be in contact through my articles any longer, or even my classes or sessions. None of these could be further from the truth.

I’m taking a bit of a reprieve and the allowance for myself and Life to join together in new adventures, as well. I am not tossing the baby out with the bathwater.

Two of my favorite things I do in this world is to bring forth the articles I have written for years to you, and also to teach. As long as I am guided by the Divine I will continue to do both with great joy, (with a time off after teaching my present class.) I have also set forth an intention to meet many of you, rather than simply being behind a computer and only writing to you.

If you would like to be notified as to where I will be or when I will be teaching I invite you to continue your free sign up on my personal site for my E-mails at I will keep you apprised of those things and other juicy adventures upcoming that we may share together, as well as to insure you continue to get my Newsletters. As for Private Sessions those will resume in April, though only two days every other week.

“The Truth About Your Transformation,” which in Truth is “Our Transformation.”

In recent weeks I have been made well aware, through Emails, sessions and more than a few close to me, that many are in despair now while being in a space of not knowing, or what I call “sacred space where transformation occurs.” For many, this space is unfamiliar, dark and deeply uncomfortable, immediately signaling to the mind and ego: Danger Ahead! Fight For Your Life!

Please don’t listen to ‘them.’ It’s the exact opposite. We are in a magnificent consciousness shift, and it’s quiet. The ego and mind don’t particularly like this, as they were comfortable in the old noisy, dramatic, grasping and clawing paradigm.

Each of us are being prepared to merge with the new 5th Dimensional paradigm filled with new choices, new perspectives, a new life, and a raised consciousness, unable to be recognized by you if you didn’t enter this still space.

Beloveds, in this space of not knowing, this void as some call it, human movement is brought to a halt, so Divine movement can move us forward into our authentic Life. The challenge is that humankind has long been addicted to constant movement. It is how we have come to believe we are validated and worthy in both an internal and external manner.

When that movement isn’t happening, emotional misinformation begins to flood the void, the ego begins to fight for its perception of ‘Life,’ which is never correct, and then the 3D mental projector projects into the future that which it is incapable of projecting, and, before you know it you are out of the void and into quicksand.

This sacred space, this space of not knowing, is where you are gifted the opportunity to know who you truly are, without distraction. It’s where you get the blessings of meeting yourself where you are at now, not before, but now.

It’s a place for discovering what your true passions are, to rearrange your choices, (this is KEY) start a new chapter for yourself, and chart your own course. It’s where you can really get creative and collaborative with the Divine in a thoughtful, focused manner.

It’s a space to discover love for yourself, and where you are made more available to retrieve powerful and significant codes of information about yourself, from other aspects of your multi-dimensional Self, which will greatly and positively alter your future.

Here, is the new energetic birthing ground for dreams to made manifest, magical destinies to be found, and transformation to be had. This space is grace, providing a sacred place for your final preparations to move into your new 5D life. The challenge is that many ‘thought’ this part would be over after 2012.

Beloveds this whole year is about endings and beginnings merging as One, and this is where the merging takes place. It’s deliberate in each of its sacred movements, whisperings, signs and symbols.

We are floating, in the now, in the cosmos of non-linear time and space. We have to in order to integrate the very real reconstruction of who you were in the Human Template and to have you and the Divine prepare you for who you are becoming in the Divine One. Nothing is wrong in this space, nothing is lost in this space, and most definitely the future cannot be predicted in or out of this space.

The space of not knowing forces one to stay in the now, for of our own accord we are always somewhere ahead or behind it, and that’s where we leak power, energy, vitality and perspective. Here we are being lovingly forced to “Be Here Now,” because anywhere else is nowhere else.

Though some appear to have moved through this void, or state of not knowing more quickly, it is only our tendency toward comparison that has any one of us feeling lost or left behind or that we must have done something wrong. Wrong!

The Divine knows who is ready to come out of this sacred space in right and appropriate order. And, our hearts know as well. Trust. Listen deeply to the information you are being given and begin the process of reprogramming your energy into where you prefer it, not where you don’t prefer it.

Become familiar with the new energies so you can, by your command; be lifted out of old stale used up energy and really feel what’s in the air, in our Mother Earth, the skies and all around you. It’s not the same compressed energy. There is freedom in the energy, if you will tap into it and try it out.

Did you know that your future is already in place waiting for you to fit into it just beautifully? It’s true.

Beloveds please take this to heart. No one can be lost or left behind in this sacred space, because it is where you go through the portal into other worlds of your untapped potential, and where we are held and moved forward in the hands of the Divine who would never lose us or leave us.

This is a grooming station, for your Ultimate Transformation and glorious adventure into a world you have never had the adventure, as humans, of ever stepping into before. It’s worth hanging out here for awhile.

If this is where you are, you are in the perfect space for you and your authentic life to meet. Don’t attempt to stop this most vital of processes for your complete transformation. Remember a butterfly cannot fly with the cocoon still hanging onto its wings.

When you feel edgy, this simple breath will help. Place your right hand over your heart, and breathe in gratitude for all that you are grateful for. Hold it for a moment as it circulates throughout your entire body. Feel it, and then breathe out the parts of yourself that are trespassing on your Divinity. Keep repeating this breath as many times as you need to. As you do so with deep intention and attention, you are setting into motion authentic alchemy.

Stay with it Beloveds. You will see and feel a transformation in yourself that will blow your mind! It’s like transforming base metal into gold, and you Beloveds are pure Gold!

Know you are loved.


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