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The True Purpose of Triggers

October 8, 2020

The True Purpose of Triggers

–Maureen Moss



Dearest Hearts,

The next leg of our unfolding has begun in earnest. Immersed in the merging and integration of another aspect of my Self combined with the memories of that aspect having first hand knowing and participation of everything having to do with Now.

Writing about that unfolding doesn’t feel quite appropriate in this moment however what I would like to say, particularly in Light of unfolding revelations/uprisings of the outer world is that as goes the outer world revelations, so to comes the equal momentum of revelatory energy in our internal world. Each can be intuitively understood or reactively misunderstood. In and through all things listen closely inside rather than out.

It has long been known that through complete chaos and dismantling, ultimately One reality governed by the Law of Love and the Law of Multi-Dimensional Oneness would Rise and Be, on Earth. And, through a fierce commitment to personal evolution a New HUman, with DNA prepared many cycles of life ago would be made able to rapidly transcend this ‘time’ and choose them Selves to be Representatives of the New World on Earth and in this Universe. Also, that the common denominator for HUmankind would one day be Self-Love and Self-Governance. It is already in our DNA to BE so …though it had/has to be triggered.

On behalf of evolution and the new paradigm every trigger (catalyst,) possible is being put into humanities field to give each an opportunity to Wake Up and Unify All Divine Aspects of themselves and neutralize all that is not.

The question to ask ones Higher Self when a trigger goes off is “what do I need to know about this?” Once aligned with Higher Self and apart from ego, defense or resistance the Higher Self, quick on its heels brings forth your advanced Light and Intelligence so awareness can be had and the source of the trigger once hidden or forgotten can be realized and neutralized.

One then takes another step closer to harmonizing with the 5th Dimensional frequency (and Higher,) with its singular nature of Love as the dynamic energy of Truth courses through physicality.

As well, in gaining clarity one is driven more deeply into their Divine Heart and the spark of their I AM Presence expands, strengthens and softens around and through them. As a result Self-Compassion and Self-Love swells and begins extending to ALL.

Every human is infused with major restructuring codes that have been consistently triggered to turn on throughout the past 9 years. Over and over again and now with rapid fire, humanity as a collective and each one personally has been triggered/shall be triggered, by global or personal events with the intent that each takes the prompts to break the stronghold of the small self and its horizontal boundaries of awareness, victimhood and perceived limitations. The more we make good use of the triggers the Higher we rise.

*Triggers are put in place by each ones Multi-Dimensional Higher Self to initiate/instigate ones Awakening.

No matter what goes on in the external world Beloveds, it is time to Rise not be Overcome. Use every trigger to your advantage.

Eternal Love,
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