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The Taurus/Pleaidian Stargate

April 28, 2020

The Taurus/Pleaidian Stargate


Journey Heart to Heart Into the Beautiful Stargate


“Assisting you in expanding Your Divine Crystalline Heart we join with you
to activate the frequency and vitality of LOVE
to rise and flow more gracefully through your bodies filling the
New Earth and Cosmos with your vital vibration.

Change-Makers to Change-Makers we meet.”
—The Pleaidians


Beloved Hearts,

By now we are aware that the Freedom Codes we were most recently graced with and the Frequency of Light we are being prepared to carry, are transporting us to New Earth and complete Liberation.

The recent New Moon in Taurus was a tremendous conduit as well for delivering sudden insights into a view of the bigger picture along with realizations that it is We who are the Change-makers here on Earth and have the agency to leverage this power for our own good and the good of all others.

The Pleaidians have made it clear that the change must come from each and every one of us, in order to know who we are, to realize our Divinity and our connection to all that exists and realize that Love is the Key that opens the door to All That Is.

They, as well as many other space races are able to participate in helping raise our capacities in numerous ways without interfering with our free will or Universal Law. At this moment there are fleets of motherships surrounding our Planet acting as energy transformers and will be with us as we gather in the Taurus/Pleaidian Stargate.

Per the Pleadians: “Greater and greater numbers of humanity are understanding now what is required to become liberated. As a result they (humanity,) are heading daily now in large part into the Field of Liberation readying themselves for the moment of the Compression Breakthrough on Earth when the Light Forces from the Great Central Sun unite in the middle with those from Gaia’s Crystalline Heart, into humanities Crystalline Heart (which must be open and active,) creating a breakthrough that raises the frequency exponentially of LOVE in all living beings on Earth.

What I have been told about this particular gathering in the Taurus/Pleaidian Stargate is that there are 12 major Crystalline regions around the earth that correspond to Gaia’s Crystalline Heart and humanities Crystalline Heart. And, those 12 regions will join with our Crystalline Hearts and Gaias in an Energetic Alliance on May 5, 2020 to elevate our Heart frequencies… and begin coherently building new Light Directives between each.

With the Pleaidians On This Day… your Crystalline Heart carrying your personal Vital Vibration shall be opened and powerfully activated to assist the vitality of LOVE and your New Freedom Codes to integrate, flow and expand… moving you more gracefully into alignment with the New Earth…and interact more easily inter-dimensionally.

Between now and then be mindful of raising your Frequencies as much as possible to gain the most benefit from this potent and loving day.

Change-makers to Change-makers we shall meet.

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