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The Presence of New Beginnings

October 15, 2021

The Presence of New Beginnings


Dearest Hearts,

All week I felt the Presence of New Beginnings expand its field. This was not as a result of an experience I had, though an energy presencing itself around me that felt good. It felt right. It felt in alignment with Truth. It matters not that the external chaos amplified in the background continuously attempts to draw attention and push itself to the foreground, for the Presence of New Beginnings is far more compelling, having no need to exert itself. Truth isn’t pushed on anyone… it is a felt experience.

This expanded Presence of New Beginnings is catapulting off the massively expansive and impactful 1010 Gateway and in my experience has been gaining momentum since the Lions Gate. And, it shall proceed in and through a continuous line-up of Cosmic portals and Gateways until years end. All in alignment with these openings shall be activated to the level of their corresponding frequencies. I also sense this ‘time’ as the beginning of the Next Level of experiencing our singular nature with All That Is and Limitlessness corresponding with each ones consciousness. (As I wrote that My Higher Self said, “use every circumstance and experience to attend to the throne of your singular nature.”)

With that said, in this Presence of New Beginnings and ‘attending to the throne of our singular nature’ it feels important that we tend to our instinctual nature…source our Higher Self Wisdom… confer with our physical bodies and hold an unperturbed vision of the birth of Your New Reality, not someone else’s vision… yours that is in resonance with you. Hold it sacred above all else and consent to nothing less.

The current die-off of the distorted world external and reformation of our earthly Beings and New Earth are only temporarily and seemingly residing in the same space for now, though if looked at closely, the dimensions are quite different. One is in shadow and the other in the Light. Be patient as the forces of change level out – and they will.

From my Higher Self came the words…in and through a time such as this may you walk this earth with great tenderness blessing and synthesizing the restructuring forces that have been necessary for a New Reality and a New Human to BEcome. May you walk this earth in fascination and allowance for your Higher Self, Soul and Destiny Plan to take you by your Heart and merge you with your Human Divinity. And, may the Breath of God breathe into your realization the Christed God/Goddess You Are.

So Much Love to All,

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