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The Pace Quickens

March 30, 2017

Dearest Hearts,

First, my deepest and most sincere love to you strong, powerful, loving beings that do not give up on yourself as you continue to work so diligently to carve out a more enlightened, more honest depiction of life and your relationship to it.

Certainly the month of March didn’t give us a pass to relax. The prices and prizes of evolution became more distinctively clear.

From the salt of the earth, to the star spangled skies, our souls, higher Self and every thing, thought, particle and being in between is consciously or unconsciously, and often piercingly, further helping each of us separate fact from fiction … either by contrast or harmony…to clarify and unify our truest nature and begin what may often appear as an unconventional new life.

In No Uncertain Terms

The pace and catalysts quicken this next month of April, punctuated by Easter and Passover. Ripe for potential and rich with opportunity there will not be a slow down, though more planetary, political, inter-dimensional, galactic core, and to the core influences… as the structure of human consciousness and the global landscape is further rearranged.

Mayhem and miracles will collide and Divine Consciousness take over more often than not.

In the weeks ahead be open… eyes, mind and heart wide open… to the ways in which you are going to be persuaded to become of one mind, be steered towards acceptance, be prompted to experiment with the unknown, be directed to welcome Love… in a much higher frequency… and to align and adapt to the qualities of your True Self, in no uncertain terms. At times it will be under pressure, other times in disguise, while other times it will be through pure joyful motivation.

Speaking of in no uncertain terms…on a personal note, two weeks ago, I had an experience of front line duality raging in my mind so intensely, the only thing that could happen was that one would die off.

Something buried deep in my subconscious mind came head to head with a present moment catalyst along with the pressure-provoking energies at hand. Boom!

Watching this battle in shock and awe for two days (as though it were on a movie screen) I heard, Let go, let go. Don’t think. Don’t do anything. Let the content pour out. I felt as though I was walking on the edge of a sword.

With the help of a powerful friend sincerely holding space and adding wisdom, and me consciously engaging my Higher Self and the Universe at large…the battle came to an end…two days later. Wrung out, I took to my bed feeling as though I was being stitched up.

Waking the next day I was crystal clear and clearly different. Though shaky for a couple of days, I felt the effect of this transfiguration and knew a part of my Soul that had strayed, returned.

Opportunity for expansion and heightened awareness will come to us all in the least imaginable ways.

Will The Pressure Ease Up?

To a large degree, we determine that. The more we exercise our Mastery when it comes to detecting false realities, erroneous convictions, fragmented emotional perspectives, beliefs formed from the past or projected about the future, internal guidance stemming from a split reality and illogical mental data…and then stop falling for or being prodded by it…the pressure will ease up.

If need be we must double our efforts, in this rarified time, to let go, let go, let go of all struggle and everything projected. The second you detect a pressure-forming split in your consciousness let your consciousness go, and replace it with nothing of your own making. Create space for Divine revelation through your Higher Self to be received.

Pressure needs a clear channel to make its way out. Your Higher Self/Divine Consciousness needs a clear channel to make its way in. You are the channel through which everything comes and goes.

The Make Over of The World At Large

As for the world at large teeming with uncertainty, duality, and polarization, in all certainty I share this… globally things won’t ease up anytime soon as the world and all parts of it continue to be edited and undergo deep restructuring on every front. Strongly now… as the shake-up has truly and loudly begun… wave upon wave of pressurized energy is being emitted, as anything would, that is blowing up or blowing apart.

You/we are in a position to decide if the pressure of the world’s make-over overwhelms you…or not. More and more are beginning to realize their safety, health, well being and freedom are not dependent upon the world. Quite the opposite.

Certainly the activities are going to brush up against us and even rile us up at times. Human and sentient lives are involved. In our core we love each other, we’ve been each other and, the well being of all life matters…though it cannot occur through the deception (sound familiar?) of its old ways.

The outside world, in the beginning stages of its content laden global strip down is a necessary means to an end and beginning… in more than one way. All to not only expose countless outright lies and illusions that have compromised and weakened life, all of life, but also to stir up and wake up a new consciousness amongst the least expected and the least practiced.

Those beings waking up will unsuspectingly have great opportunity to take 3D earth life, as it has been, and flip it into a higher octave of consciousness, while those in 5D consciousness lend their support, newfound experience, Love and Light… though from a completely disentangled experience.

All of this will continue until the chunks and fragments of distortion, duality, polarity and meaningless realities fade or distinctly snap out of place. And they will.

All of this until the indwelling Motherboard of our true God Selves is exposed and lit up like the dashboard of a spaceship and Love is powering our very existence. And it shall, once we become purified conduits for Divine Intelligence to abide peacefully within.

Unlike Ever Before

Make no mistake that right now in April of 2017, a holy and sacred month, you/we are at the most life (to Life) ex-changing point ever experienced since taking on form. Though that was the talk of the past nine years and more…it is the reality of this one.

There is a succession of ages that make their way through time. We are in a new one.

At the end of 2016 humanity passed through an age of decline. That time was referred to as the New Age. The New Age was an age of information… information to move us out of a declining state of nature and a crippling matrix. It moved enough of us… to relentlessly move ourselves… out of the life that threatened our highest potential as God beings in form.

Up several octaves in frequency, as a great result of our efforts combined with the nature and potential of evolution… when the cycle turned in 2017 we entered into a different age…a Golden Age of (potentially) non-circumstantial happiness, peace, creativity and Love. This is an age to be defined by Us and through us… as New Humans.

Let us bless the pressure that crops up and put it to good use… and may we all fly by our motivation.

I wish you each love, clarity, blessings and grace as we travel forward together. Know you are loved.



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